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Thursday, 18 July 2013

SMC Book for free

Hi all.
Sorry I'm not so much reading right now. I am still actually moving my blogs over. Thanks Shannon for the tip about Feedly, that is the reader I am trying out (there was another one which I cannot remember what it was, so well...). Unfortunately your message came after I have deleted all my blogs from google reader (because it was easier to track as I was moving them to my favourites, and because I was not going to have my list of blogs out there [or not out there] where I could not reach them!)
I do hope to get used to Feedly and to get back to reading regularly!

I am blogging here now to tell you of an offer I heard which might interest you - a local SMC who wrote a book about SMC for her child collaborated with another SMC who wrote another story for her child. There are 4 books - from writer A and from writer B;  a girl's version and boy's version. The books are in English.
From Friday 11:00 local time (that would be 18:00 in New York and 21:00 in Los Angeles, if I am not mistaken) until Sunday night (time not mentioned)  you will be able to download one of these 4 books from Amazon.
Please just note that the price tag appears as 0.00$

I can't recommend or dis-recommend any of the books as I don't know much about the content, but I think it is always good to at least have a peep at another SMC book.