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Sunday, 3 January 2016

A mother of two..

I sill cannot believe i am a moher of two, a girl and a boy. Wait, let me go back 3 weeks (and a day) to the 11th of December (did i mention in previous post being in the high risk ward?). At about 20:30 i was sitting the bed doing a crossword puzzle when i feel something wet down below. First thought is could it be that i just peed?! Next thought was how embarraing (roommate was with her husband). "I think my water broke" i told her.

Can't be, i said. I am only 31 (plus 3) weeks! I can't be deliveing now! Oh, forgot to mention the amiotic (no spell check her so please forgive my teribble spelling..) fluid. Baby A had too much while baby B had too litle, so 2 days before giving birth they drained some amiotic fluid from baby a hoping it would help.

Anyway very soon after Ofir was born (21:27). She was born vaginaly, and at 1.008 kg, what a big difference from Butterfly's birth! I still had that breaking point where i cried that i can't, but still tchnically it was a very easy birth.
I did not see her after birth. I was at peace with myself and no need of seeing her. I believe she had a reason for being, for coming to live in me for a brif time. I am thankful for her for making me a mother of twins but mostly for not dying inside me rather dying soon after birth. I believe she chose it was time for her to go. I wonder if she and Rainbow had some goodbye kicking between them (i would like to believe tha yes, she did say goodbye to her twin).

All this time, i was shaking terribly. I was scared and i was freezing cold. So when the doctor pushed his hand in and said twinB is breeched so c-section, as much as i hated the idea of an operation etc, i was so scared and cold that i actually welcomed the oppertunity of being sedated.
Rainbow was born 10 minutes later, weighing 1.328 kg. He is doing fine, hopefully will be able to come home soon.
I'll finish with some pics.. (Ok, can't pn this devise, so when o come home and have my good old computer..