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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A rant concerning google/blogger. Up until a couple of months ago all was nice. I had my google account and blogger and I when I opened my computer I was already logged in and no problem leaving comments with my blogger identity.
I know it was a Friday the 13th, I think June, when all went wrong. Blogger had this day or two when blogs disappeared and then reappeared twice etc. And there was also some mess with the commenting. At the time I got into the help forum to see what it's about. Well people were complaining and complaining and complaining and not a representative in sight! Anyway the advice I read was to remove the tick on the remember me box. And yes, that helped. Somewhat. I still, when commenting, need to go to preview, get a screen saying there's an error, go back and only then leave a comment (of course if I forget and don't do copy to the comment I wrote, I loose it and have to write it again [sometimes I am clever and just "write" a letter or two and go to the preview]. And you know, more than that, e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e I want to get into one of the google appliances, I have to log myself in again. I mean I'm sitting at the computer, want to check my g-mail - log in, want to then read some blogs on my reader - log in, want to do a google search and have the picture I chose to be my page - log in, want to comment - log in. You get the picture, pretty annoying!
Yesterday I really had enough so I ticked the remember me box. When I tried to comment (again needing to do preview), I got this message

Seriously? I have no access to this page?? FruitFish that would be your microwave post! O.K so I'm back to commenting anonymously but more so really pissed off with google/blogger.

Oh and can I add a little rant about dear daughter? We were listening to this song, HER song on youtube (didn't even know about this song until not so long ago. Unfortunately it's in the masculine as it's commonly a boy's name)

And she was enjoying herself, tapping with the mouse. Hmm, a bit too hard it seems. The right click button doesn't work now..

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Happy and not so happy. I am just one week shy of being two years without my period! Two years of not having to worry for that monthly blood. Yeah, so that's the not so happy me.
On the other hand..I had thoughts that maybe I went from giving birth straight to menopause - is that how old I am?!? Scary! More so - no blood, no child number two! I so want to have another child! I want another child because I always wanted a large family. Two is probably the most I'll get but I'll take it.. After the birth I had and the bad start I had with the nursing, I'd also like another child to amend, to do things better next time. Again this is not the reason why I'd like another child, but it is there too. Up till not so long ago, as much as I desired that second child, I didn't think I'd be able to have him/her. Now I am becoming more and more confident that I can make it happen. As I would like to give my existing daughter the most in her first few years in life including breastfeeding her till the age of two, I think I'll wait with ttc. This time next year, when I've come back from the London Olympics, is when I'd like to start. I know the downside with my age is that I might miss the train, but I can't have everything, and even if I try now no one can guarantee I'll be successful. And all the stress and needing to ween her and all. No, I prefer to wait for now and if I won't be able to produce a sibling then we will just have to be a family of two!

Where.... How.....

O.K so I won't be writing that breastfeeding post, but I thought I'd share where and/or how I breastfed my little girl in the last 14 months:

  • in the hospital

  • at home (like dah!)

  • on a not so comfortable chair

  • on better chairs

  • on the sofa

  • with a nursing pillow (never got the hang of that!)

  • while sitting up in bed

  • while lying in bed (so much better!)

  • on a rocking chair

  • on the garden swing

  • on the floor

  • on the ground

  • on the playing mat

  • by the computer

  • while daughter is peeing in the bowl at night (we had a time when she completely objected to peeing in the bowl even though she had to go. Breastfeeding her while holding her over the bowl was a life-saver. And yes, it's probably not something I should have done, but well..

  • while mummy is doing what she is doing on the loo (and let me just say, not just peeing....) [out latest addition to the list as I said I won't let her nurse while I'm on the potty, but oh well...]

  • in the bath (together with her in the bath)

  • in the washing basin (she in, me sitting outside and serving her.. [what can I do, had to bribe her to take a bath lol])

  • in the shower - first while sitting on the floor then standing up with me bending over..)

  • in the facility of the swimming pool

  • inside the swimming pool itself

  • at the beach [I think I'd like to add in the sea itself next time I go, lol]

  • at the playground

  • in a library

  • other people's houses

  • while walking (not fun, but sometimes a necessity)

[I wonder what I've forgotten...]

Friday, 5 August 2011

Breastfeeding Awareness Week

[image from Peacful Parenting]

Wanted to write this post on Monday, on the start of the breastfeeding awareness week, but didn't get round to it. And I'm hot and tired these days (not easy being 24/7 with a little baby. As much as I love her and cherish how lucky I am to have her, it is still not easy being the sole one responsible for her nurishment, entertainment, education, etc etc etc.. and did I say hot? and humid? oh, so very humid!). Wanted to bubble a bit about how breastfeeding is for us, but well.. see above. So I'll just say that above icon - that is soooo how my little girl nurses! She just cannot be still, all the time twisting and turning and wanting to get off the sofa (while still nursing, yeah?) or doing this or that. She really is probably practicing for the breastfeeding olympics! The picture below was taken on the day of her birthday. I love that picture! (it is currently the one on the background on my computer)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Toilet Training

(yes, she is sitting the wrong way.. very cute how she learnt to climb onto the potty, sometimes she does it the right way and sometimes the wrong. As long as she's comfy....)

I really hate having her in nappies. Not so all the bother around nappies (and.. when I do have to, not so easy putting one on her!) but just the fact that she has a nappy, that if/when she does a number two she is doing it on herself. But I wanted her to be able to stand (without holding) first. So I waited. On her first birthday, to celebrate, I bought a (well actually two) potty. Yes, time to begin!

She already had awareness as to her body wastes as we have been practicing EC from when she was 2 months old. We are far from perfect with the EC, but at least she is well aware of peeing/pooing. There are places/situations where she will not pee if she can (she can't hold too long..), like in the car or the sling or in the water etc.
Besides that, she picked up very quickly what's the potty for. So you'd think in no time I'd have a toilet trained girl.. think again! Somehow the connection - I need to pee..... potty is for peeing..... I'll go in the potty...... has not yet been made. She did once or twice go (oh, and the other morning.. waking up and getting out, while I'm still in bed, going and peeing in the potty... it was just too cute, lol) but really what happens mostly is that I either see she is about to go (mainly with the poos) or peeing, which when I quickly take her to the potty saying again and again how the potty is for peepy weepy / caky waky [yeah..] and when/if she finishes of in the potty, of course I celebrate. And yes, I do ask/tell her many times if she needs to go. So far I haven't shown too much discomfort for her misses, but maybe I should - showing her not only how I'm happy when she does it right, but how I am very not pleased when she doesn't.

I would have thought that a month of that would let the dime fall. I am determined to have her toilet trained by the winter, but sometimes it feels like we are stuck in the same place..
If I don't get it done by September, I hope (and believe) the nanny will help.. (but I really would rather not).

And while on the subject, a funny comment from her almost 2.5 cousin (boy) - while being changed for a poo nappy (and I was saying to Butterfly - look J-J is having his nappy changed, she doesn't too often see other kids with nappies..), and might I add that he is in a 'mine' stage. Well he says to her in a this is mine tone that nappies are only for boys! (seems all the girls in kindergarten (+his older sister) are already toilet trained [and Butterfly walks around the house with only a shirt])