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Friday, 26 June 2015

Where to begin..

Well with T42, I suppose.

That last attempt failed and then quickly before turning 45 I've tried one more last time. The fact is that until the age of 45 (or 2 children) you can have fertility treatments at a much lower price. After that it's full price. It was difficult for me financially when it wasn't full price, no way can I carry on after I've reach the 45 mile stone.

This time I went with a private doctor (up till now I tried to minimize expenses and just went with what the clinic offered). And also with an acupuncturist. Wow, that was amazing and I am so sorry I didn't go before. All of  my 8 eggs that were harvested were fertilized. Granted one of them only after the retrieval but still, seven out of 8!!! So she was amazing, but the doctor.. he was lousy. I am so sorry I went with him. I felt pressed for time so I went with the first doctor available. And he really was crap.

For start he put me on a lot of hormones. When I bought the prescriptions, the pharmacists looked at me and asked if I was sure I needed all that. I was used to doctors writing prescriptions for more than necessary, just to be on the safe side and thought that I'd probably end with quite a bit of medicine leftover which I would pass on. Hmmm.. no. We used it all. I feel so damn for that because clearly I have wronged my body (I still haven't received my period, I think I'm already 4 weeks late. And no, there is no baby inside me).

Then there was the transfer. The one thing I hate most about the transfer is the anaesthesia. I just can't bare waking up from it. So a few cycles ago I tried without, and it wasn't too bad, likewise previous cycle. So again I wanted to do it with no anaesthesia. Well he really wasn't pleased about that! He can't do his job properly, because he doesn't like the idea of hurting me.. I don't buy that. It's probably easy when the patient is out unconscious, not aware of what's happening and you don't have to careful with her body. Anyway I did insist on no anaesthetise, and so it was..

Now we come to the retrieval. I am just so sad by this. Well first there is the part where only when I'm half naked with my legs spread open, do he and the embryologist talk to me about how many eggs to return. Initially I didn't want more that 3. But when I was in such a state, I just went with whatever they said, which was 4. Was not pleased with that. But that's the least. After he inserted the embryos [and I should add, all on one needle. Isn't that too risky?] he didn't say lets see that the needle is clean of eggs (like some doctors do), he didn't tell me to wait a bit. No, he pulled the chair down, but maybe because he didn't know the chair or for whatever reason, it was with a jerk. I have just been inseminated with my most precious embryos. Precious as this is my last ever cycle. And I last my baby due to an incompetent doctor who jerked the chair down. He obviously knew he did something wrong because he then said something stupid about not going to the toilet. Which you know, they want you with a full bladder so you do need to go.  I waited of course as much as I could (20 minutes like he said).

I am so devastated and so upset that I didn't even have a chance this cycles. My babies were killed even before they got a chance to enter me. And I can tell you, I know they had never been in me. All of my cycles, I have ALWAYS felt my breast twinge. Mostly for just one little instance, sometimes more (previous cycle I really felt my breasts sore. Until they stopped, which was when I knew it was a negative. I do believe I was pregnant but probably there was something wrong with the the embryo). This cycle there was absolutely nothing. The sad thing is that I always thought it was side effect of the progesterone. Well like with the meds leading to the transfer, I was over dosed with prog to a point that my lower tummy was really hurting, stretching kind of hurting. But nothing in the boobs. And I am so sad and so upset by this, I can hardly sleep at night. It just hurts to much.

So now I am trying to re-look at my family. We are a family of two and like this we will be. I really wanted a sibling for my girl. I grew up in a family of 6 kids and I always wanted a big family. Okay, I would compromise for two, but one?? My daughter doesn't have a father or a sibling. I feel a twinge sometimes about the father part. Most kids have, she doesn't. But about the no sibling? I so wish I could give her a brother or a sister. And oh, most kids around us have siblings. In fact there is always a pregnant mother in our homeschooling group, but maybe that's for another post..

This has been a long post, but I did have to tell the whole story. You see, it's eating me up and I have no one I can tell this to, I had to vent. Anyway since it's long, I'll update about Butterfly some other time..