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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tu Bishvat

That is the new year for trees (yes, we have a new year for trees :-) ) and a day we celebrate by planting (and eating dried fruit).

So Butterfly and I did some planting

Hope you can see the tree we just planted :-). It is probably a cypress, but did you know that pines live about 400 years! [those are the two types of trees that were given out to be planted].

[This would be my first Tu Bishvat in many years that I do something :-) And it was a nice day!]

Thank you for commenting on my previous post!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Delurking Week

Long time no see :-)
Started a post about a week ago but somehow didn't finish it and then.. well I make it a point not to have drafts here. In my previous blog (oh, so many years ago!) my box was full with draft posts.

Anyway, I ALWAYS just miss delurking week. Thanks to Tiara and her post (thank-you Tiara :-) ) I can post this while it is still delurking week :-). So if you are read my blog, I would love if you said hello, maybe tell me a little about your self. Also, if you write a blog relating to SMC (thinking about, trying to become, a mother) I would like read it! [of course if it's a blog you'd like to share..]

Hope to come back to blogging more often soon! In the meantime will tell you that besides being difficult, and boy can she be! Butterfly is also amazingly growing! The other day I watched a video from over a year ago. She looks more or less the same, but wow, how much she has changed! And she talks, oh how much she can talk. And you know, the things kids say.. the other day she was asking me "mummy, when is one day?". hmmm, do I too often tell you not now but one day........ ?