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Friday, 15 May 2009


First (and completely unrelated to post), I hope I don't repulse anyone (I'll put this in a pale font so you can easily skip it), but OMG, OMFG - I just came home, went straight to the computer to write this post, and what do I see by my chair?? A dead bird, a pigeon, somewhat eaten. No idea if the cats just found the bird dead or if they killed it, but why did they have to bring it into the house???

Well today I had an IUI :-). Yesterday I went in to start my ovulation tracking at CD 10, and what do you know - I have a lining of 8.5 and two follicles: an 11 and an enormous one of 21! I think usually the maximum by day 10 is about 13. Unfortunately, instead of growing several follicles, the hormones went all into this one follicle.

The atmosphere at the clinic was really lovely. I was sitting "trying" to do my sudoku, actually trying to listen to the conversation of these two women who I thought were from my SMC forum. Well no they weren't (their husbands just didn't come), but I joined them and we sat there talking (had quite a long wait, always is on Fridays - the banks close early while the doctor on duty comes to the clinic only after he finishes his morning shift at the hospital). Besides us three, there were two other couples, all friendly. Usually everyone is focused on themselves, today it was nice.
After the IUI (which was a bit painful), I lay there in the chair, totally relaxed even closing my eyes until I decided it's time to get up and leave.
And now the TWW. Two weeks.. my birthday is towards the end of the wait (in 13 days, but whose counting :-D), which is really nice since I will (hopefully be able to!) assume I'm pregnant on my birthday, even if I'm not (I won't POAS beforehand).


calliope said...

here's to hoping you get 2 pink lines on your birthday!

Billy said...

Not on my birthday :-) [I ment that I won't check untill after my birthday, so I will be able to assume that day that I'm pregnant..]

Anonymous said...

Happy Almost Birthday! And how nice to be preggers on that special day!! :)

Genkicat said...

My fingers are crossed for this cycle!

princessoftides said...

Happy Birthday! Crossing everything for you!

RE: the other thing, cats have a funny way of showing affection, I think :)

battynurse said...

Good luck with the TWW and I hope the end result is fantastic. As far as why your kitties brought you a present? Cause they love you and want to share :).

Jaymee said...

keeping everything crossed for two pink lines!!!