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Sunday, 1 November 2009


Run into this questionnaire that is supposed to calculate my projected life span. O.K, just for the fun of it, I decided to do it, I mean how can a questionnaire determine how long I am to live??
Since I do not smoke or drink and I think I eat more or less healthy and I am a very healthy person, add to that not too many major illnesses/conditions in family, I did expect a nice figure. Last time I did such a questionnaire, I got years deducted because of grandparents not living too long [though my two grandmothers died in car accidents, nothing related to health issues], so maybe not an astonishing 90 or 80, but surely at least 70!
I so didn't expect to see
I just had to laugh at this. Trying to figure if it's because I'm short or refused to answer the income question, or maybe not answering the sex question. No, must have been all those car questions I couldn't answer (no, don't know if "my driver" is usually male or female, as I usually take the bus for the same matter, I don't know his/her age etc..).
So, 4.5 years they are giving me!

Talking about 4.5 years... Let me tell you about this conversation I had with my nephew today [he's 4.5.. ]:

L: I make my mother carrot juice every Friday and Saturday! [Every Fri-Sat!? He sometimes helps GM make, as we (my mother, his mother and me love fresh carrot juice)]
me: Very nice of you :-).
L: Grandma has the machine and we have the carrots.
me: O.K..
L: So I'll go and get the carrots [we were at my mother's house, he is a neighbour, and lately he comes and goes freely. One of the advantages of picking him up (me once a week, my mother 4 times). It is nice that he feels free to come whenever he wants]
me: But it's Sunday today! [really not in the mood of making a mess (well of cleaning up the mess), and it's not like he really likes carrot juice]
L: Yes, it's on Sunday's and Friday's that I make my mother carrot juice.
me: hmmmm...
L: I'll make carrot juice for my mum!
me: But she won't be home from work until later.. [you might have switched the days, but you're not going to zap your mother home from work..]
L: So I'll make carrot juice for P and E (=nanny and little sister).
- there was probably something here about whether they like/want -
me: O.K, but I have to go, so go tell P (the nanny) if she wants to make some carrot juice, to come over. [knowing she won't..]

So tell me - who is the more stubborn one? [I probably won on technicality, being the older one..]


Demeter said...

I haven't been here in a while, but I was so glad to find out you are pregnant. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Don't trust those questionnaires. They don't make sense because they cannot acomodate things like you say: accidental deaths...

Miss X said...

Hahah, 4.5 yrs? I sincerely doubt that! Maybe you should try deathclock.com. Not that they are any more accurate since they really only look at age, cigarette somker, BMI and a few other things.

Anyway, while your nephew was pretty stubborn. He's 4.5 and probably not old enough to catch subteleties. Unless he hears a no, he hears yes.

And I do like carrot juice. I go through phases where I drink it everyday. It's so healthy!