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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


* hospital
I was debating between hospitals T and L (previous post) with a tendency towards L. There is now a new hospital that came into the picture, one that I wasn't aware of - M, and I think I am really liking this option! Though they do not have a natural birth centre like L has, I hear they are very easy going with natural births (unlike T which are very medically oriented, i.e they will let you have a natural birth [and pay a very high sum for their natural birth centre], but on the smallest thing they will stop that and have you continue with a doctor). The big advantage, actually is their location - they are so much nearer than L. Oh, and the price, as it won't be in a natural birth centre (since they don't have one..), but in the "normal" delivery room, it will be without cost. A huge sigh of relief from someone whose finances are not the greatest.
If I do go with M, I think I will go with whatever midwife is on call, and find a doula (previously I thought I'd go without one).
Yes, I think I am liking this option very much now, and I think I can calm down with the where question. I know I am very early, but I really want to have a good birth. Now I sit and wait till about week 32 when I'll do the tours.

* pregnancy yoga
Pregnancy yoga was something I was thinking of doing in the early days of trying, but somehow kind of forgot about it. Reading the book "Active Birth" and seeing how it could be very good and useful for the birth itself, I am very much thinking of it again.
I discovered that my little (or shall I say - very little) town has a yoga place, and that they have pregnancy yoga! Or at least that's what they say on the web site. I hope they do have and that the hours are good for me. If not, well, I'll go some place else, it just could be so convenient. [note to self - phone and find out tomorrow! It is probably a good time now to start doing the yoga]

* stairs
Since I really do not like lifts (am kind of claustrophobic), I have my three floor rule - up till the third floor I use the stairs, beyond that I use the lift. As I am so not fit and hardly do any physical activity, I do see it as at least doing something.. Though I really do not like the idea of being closed in a lift, most lifts are bearable, but there is this one lift I pass - an old and very small one in a building where a pupil of mine lives. And she lives on the sixth floor! And while I don't run it or the likes, up till not long ago it wasn't too bad. But it is now starting to get a little bit difficult, and I am wondering when I will have to give in and use the lift.

* tummy
None yet. Well actually there is something, but not anymore than the big belly I had before (before last attempt I actually did lose some weight, and my tummy did go down, so now it's "back" to what it was). My trousers still fit me fine, not even tight on me.. Yes, maybe it is still early (week 14. think I'm gonna find me a ticker :-)), and checking back every day doesn't make it grow faster (a watched pot...), but people complaining how so early they couldn't hide being pregnant, and reading (I think it was in week 8!) how my trousers should start being tight on me.. And you know, I'm not too sure if I want to be showing. I mean on one hand I want very much, for me (as it is still too early to feel her, let me at least have some physical evidence of her existence..) and for others (yes, I want people around me to see and know..). On the other hand.. don't know if I'm ready for the world to know, and then there will be the need to buy maternity clothes.

* name
The day of the NT (when I found out I'm having a girl), I was asked if I'm thinking of her as *&^% [insert girl's name]. Well it was too early back then, but I am beginning now..
Anyway I did (and might still) have a problem with her name, as it is too similar to a member of my family.
Before I continue, a small explanations about my chosen names: As I posted a while back, it was important for me to have some kind of connection to both my mother's and father's side, as this child won't have another side of his/her family. I had a boy's name that was made of a first name I loved, and a second name that happened to fit both my parent's sides. As for a girl, I had a first name I really liked which happens to be of importance in my father's side, and a second name from my mother's side.But as I said, this name (first and second) are just too close to this other person. So I tried to come up with a new first name, but really couldn't find something I loved [and I do have a list of requirements..]. So the second name had to be changed, and I think I'll take "boy's" second name (and declare that first name is just out of love for that name..). Problem that now arises is that now it is exactly the same name (though reversed - 1st name is 2nd and 2nd is 1st) of person whose second name she will carry (the one from my father's side). Not too sure how I feel about that (and really not keen on finding a new second name).

* television
[sorry this is becoming a long post, that's how it goes when you don't post for too long but do have things bubbling up. lol]
When I worked as a nanny, after seeing how the kids were glued to the TV and didn't even notice their parents leave, I came to a decision that I do not want this with my kids. I would very much like to avoid TV as much as possible till about the age of two (not that I will go wild then, but I really don't like the concept of a little baby watching TV). As a first step, I took out my TV set I had and gave it to my mum. But well, not so easy to stop watching.. so I watch at my mum's place. Now not as often as I would had the TV been here, and on the TV I gave her which is not connected to cables so has only 2 stations, but still.. Anyway as personal example is important, I do have to get used to no TV at all! So, the decision was made that beginning of week 14 (wanted to say - second trimester, but actually not sure if I have began it or if it's next week..) I am only allowed one programme a week.. Hope I manage to keep up with this :-).


Kate said...

Your new hospital option sounds really good! I like the balance of all the things you were looking for-- and if you look for a doula soonish, it can be someone you get to know and that can be comfort too.

Ahhh I love yoga and hope you do too.

and TV:? I would love to chuck mine out, but it came as part of the bargain when I coerced my darlin into living with me, so there you go.

Thinking about you and your little one, and so so happy you get to think about bellies and names.

warm wishes to you Billy,

Jess said...

I bet you'll be getting a belly soon. I really popped after week 18. I cant wait until you feel your little girl move. :)
I like your hospital options too!
I cant believe your over 13 weeks already!!!

battynurse said...

Good to hear from you and that things are mostly going well. Good luck with the limited TV.

Demeter said...

This is the best time of your life (well before your baby girl is here), enjoy it. So happy for you that you are expecting!

Anonymous said...

I admire your resolve to cut out tv. I just can't live without my soapnet!
I am sure you will make the right hospital choice for yourself and your little one. Good thing you started early, and despite the confusion, it's actually nice to have some options!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I hear yoga babies are calmer babies.

Hard to believe how quickly the time is going!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Billy.