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Monday, 14 June 2010


Went today to have a checkup at the hospital after a sleepless night (After going to sleep I suddenly wasn't sure what was the procedure, if I just turn up at the hospital or what, so I googled and googled and got more and more confused. Seeing that the number of my medical plan is a 24 hour, I decided to call [4 am by then..] and she was so unhelpful. Telling me I have to get a referral from my doctor [I am 42 weeks. I do not have time to wait to see a doctor to get that referral] and how she can't give me medical advice. Didn't want any medical advice, just what's the procedure. Urg! Anyway phoned again in the morning. Again got the wrong information, but at least he was a little bit more helpful. Seems that from week 40 I "belong to the state", and so can go to the hospital, no problem. If only she would have told me that last night..).
Anyway, so I've just come back from being monitored. Everything is fine with baby and all (and yes, couldn't avoid the weight thing. I so didn't want to know so she told me not to look, but that's not really a possibility for me, but I think at about 3.3 kilos she's not too big... don't have to worry about pushing out a big one :-) [and please don't be like my mother who exclaimed - she's big*. Even if she is, let me enjoy thinking she's not). BUT, no contractions at all (yeah, that didn't surprise me..) and worst, only 1 cm dilatation (a month ago the dr. gave me 1.5..). I was so hoping that something is happening in there even if I'm not feeling anything. But nope, my body is still not ready to give birth.
The doctor highly recommended an induction. She was really putting pressure on me to stay, saying that as I'm in a very advanced week that I'm endangering the pregnancy/baby. And she kept on about how as it's an IVF pregnancy, that it is a very dear one (boy do I know that!) and that all the more I should have an induction. And I so don't want. I really wanted my girl to come at her time, when it is "convenient" for her, not when artificially made to. And more so, I so want a natural birth, one without any drugs and all. One that both mother and baby are alert straight after birth and baby breastfeeds and the bonding starts and all is well. And with an induction I am scared that that dream will be lost. And you know, all is well with baby, her heart beat's o.k, there's enough amniotic fluid, her weight's o.k. The only problem is that I'm week 42. So do I have an induction just because of the week I am in? But if the age alone is a (major) factor? If I by refusing an induction I am endangering my baby?
I so don't know. I am to go again tomorrow to be monitored again. Might have that induction as I doubt there'll be any change from today.

Spoke with my doula. She recommended reflexology and taking Castor oil. I am not going to now quickly find someone who does reflexology (or accu or the likes), but I did buy the oil. Not looking forward for the taste and hmmmm.. the diarrhea that follows, but if I am to start labour artificially (hoping hoping hoping it will!), then I'd much rather this than what the hospital has to offer which will make contractions unbearable. Wish me luck!

* I do think that as I myself have hardly gained weight and have quite a small tummy for where I am, my mother kind of expected baby to be on the smaller range.


Anonymous said...

Inductions are not so bad if they're done gradually. Don't let your dream of the birth overshadow your dream of the baby. She doesn't choose her birthday, she's not consciously checking the calendar saying 'maybe tomorrow, maybe nest Tuesday.' You're both at the mercy of biology, and sometimes, someone needs to take biology in hand and push it in the right direction. Isn't that how we managed to get pregnant?

I hope its all a moot point and that you're already in labor as I type this. But if not, don't close your mind to a little help from modern science.

Dora said...

Induction medications will not make you or your girl less alert after the birth. The only things that would do that are iv or oral pain meds or general anesthesia. There should be no reason to have those. Even an epidural will not make you or the baby less alert. Since it's in the spinal column, only a tiny, tiny bit gets in your bloodstream. Not enough to cross the placenta.

As for the risks of going any further past your due date, as far as I know, the 2 main risks are cord accidents, since the cord starts to dry out, making it easier to get caught around her neck or get compressed during delivery, and meconium ingestion. Obviously, both of these are serious.

Billy, I know you've been determined to do this as naturally as possible, but really, this is about becoming a mom. Inductions absolutely saves some babies lives.

I wound up needing a c-section. It wasn't what I wanted, but honestly, it was still a beautiful experience. I was awake and alert, and Sunshine entered the world howling with indignation at being removed from her warm, dark home. But she was calm in my arms within 5 minutes, and latched on to my breast like a pro within a half an hour.

MookiePie said...

Now I have not had a child myself but. . .my mom had all three of us kids with no pain relief medications, and with at least two of us she had to have pitocin. We were all 8 lbs, more than what your baby girl is projected to be.
My sister had two babies in the last two years, both had to be induced for the safety of both mom and baby. She did opt for the epidural (she tried so hard the first time not to get one.) But both babies were alert and bright eyed, the staff kept commenting on how awake they were. The first one was a little under 7 pounds and the second one was about where your little one's weight is projected to be (and they had "weighed" her before the induction and guesstimated her to be about a pound more).
Hopefully your body had just decided to get this party started now. If not, then I guess that this will have to be a dream to grieve for :( You could also think of it being one of the first things you did for your daughter where you had to put her needs before your dreams. I'm so sorry :(

battynurse said...

Sending many good luck wishes your way that things will start moving soon.

Tiara said...

Best wishes that things will work out perfectly for you & baby girl.

Paige said...

It must be really comfy in there. If you must be induced, you must. Not according to plan but sometimes things like this happen. Good luck and I hope to read a birth announcement SOON

Shannon said...

What a tough situation you're in right now - I completely understand your wish to have a natural delivery, and I really hope that's what you end up having. But in the end, if you have to have an induction, or a c-section, you'll still have a healthy baby, and that's what matters most.

I really really hope our next update from you is a birth announcement!

Little One said...

As someone who stayed in the womb an extra 3 weeks (with 2 inductions and finally a c-section to tear me out of the womb) I know that I didn't suffer any damage growing up from being in the womb too long.

However, I'm not a doctor, and I'm just starting this journey (am only 9wks along)....but I can't wait to meet your little girl!

Genkicat said...

I ended up having to be induced and ultimately needed a c-section. I wasn't set on a natural birth - but did want to avoid surgery. At the end of the day I have an incredible, beautiful daughter and you will too.

I'd be leary at 42 weeks to wait much longer - it can be dangerous for the baby to be there too long as the little house your baby is in stops working very well making it difficult for her to get all she needs.

I hope you don't need it, but if you do, her birth will be miraculous - however it happens.

I can't wait to hear!

MommieV said...

It's all about your perception - I would have been overjoyed to be able to have an induction instead of a c-section!

I'd be worried about your placenta - sometimes they can begin to degrade at 42 weeks and not deliver enough oxygen and nutrients. Also the cord issue discussed previously.

We prepare the best we can, but then when the time comes we have to let go of our ideals and embrace the true birth story of our little ones.

MeAndBaby said...

Thinking of you and your little one!


Oh, she's so close! Have you tried running stairs? I hear that does the trick. too. Can't wait to see her!

hopefulcc said...

I hope you're little one arrives safely and into your loving arms very soon.
Thinking of you and can't wait to hear the good news.

Miss X said...

I didn't get a chance to get online while home yesterday and I was so certain you'd have the baby by now.

So sorry you may have to be induced but what's important is that the baby is healthy.

Will continue to keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

Jess said...

I think you should have the induction. There are risk with being this overdue. Baby pooping meconium is one(and baby is more likely to do it with castor oil with being this overdue), and the placenta doesn't work as good anymore being this overdue which is why babies wont gain much weight after 40 weeks. This can also increase your chances of baby going into distress and stillbirth. Which is why they keep monitoring you. It's just not something I think you should risk.
My baby was very alert and bright eyed and I had an epidural and basicly an induction to speed up my labor.

I dont believe the saying that the baby will be born when he/she is ready. I dont think they have a choice. I mean there are lots of babies born premature and they aren't ready to be born then. It's mostly up to the body and by waiting you could be risking having an emergency c-section.

Dora said...

ACK!! I keep checking for an update. Is that baby girl here???