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Monday, 18 October 2010

I am still hoping to read the words - you have no new posts on your reader. Not anytime soon.. though with girl going to sleep much much easier and earlier, I am able to spend a bit more time on the computer :-).

Dear Paige nominated me to the Versatile Blogger Award (thank-you!). I'm going to be a rules' breaker and not post the rules.. Nor will I nominate any other blogger as I saw this award pass around North and South of the blogosphere (you know, being late does that..). However, if somehow you didn't receive the award (and would like to), please see yourself nominated!

Going with the milk version on this one:

  1. I do not like to drink plain cow's milk. Never have. As a child my mum would force me to drink a cup of milk. I remember how I'd go to this friend, and was not allowed to play with her until I drank a cup of milk. But I am a huge fan of milk products, and add something to the cup of milk and I'll drink it away.
  2. Breast milk on the other hand.. that's yummy! (of course I tasted it!)
  3. Baby was born with breasts and.............. yes, in her first week or two of life she also had milk. Mum didn't but girl did..
  4. There was a time in my life where I worked in a kibbutz in the cow's shed milking the cows. We would start our day with a cup of coffee and then proceed to our daily schedule (usually while the early morning milking was still in progress). On occasion when we didn't have milk for our cup of coffee we would take our coffee to where the milking was happening, and squeeze us some nice fresh milk.
  5. Though had I known that pumping milk can hurt, don't know if I would have worked there.
  6. And not an unknown fact about me, just want to add that there is nothing like doing those very early milkings and seeing the sun rise over the Dead Sea!
  7. At one point I wanted to see how my child is on the breast, i.e if she latches properly. So I asked sis #6 to breastfeed her (I also wanted to try and breastfeed her one and a half year old, but well he wouldn't..) Wanted to ask a friend whose baby is exactly two months older than my girl to try and swap, but couldn't get round to asking her. Somehow it seems dirty and unclean and not done to put a stranger baby on your breasts, and not the thing to ask! (oh, and baby latched well).
  8. Now that I'm getting to the unspeakable, I will tell you I tasted my milk straight from the source itself. Yes, I can do that! And as I said, it is tasty. I would drink a cup full if I wasn't saving every drop for daughter. And I breastfed myself (and yes, I do mean bring mouth to nipple) to see what and how it is like, and let me tell you, not easy. Did it again the other day when the pumping machine didn't work and she didn't nurse enough during the day and I was painfully full and leaking like mad, so I tried to relieve myself.
  9. Wasn't too successful (hard work for too little milk for my big mouth!), so when girl stirred just a little in her sleep, I shoved my breast into her mouth. and oh, what a relief!!
  10. 'boob' is a new word for me (I believe I learnt it her in Blogland, I knew the probably old 'bust'), and while I am o.k with using it, and used it while pregnant and all, now when I talk about breastfeeding, it just doesn't feel right..

So there you have it. And since I didn't post the rules, you do not know there were supposed to be only seven. ha!


Shannon said...

I'd be really interested to see what your 7 (or more!) things are that you'd choose to write about a year from now. It's obvious what's a high priority these days! You know, I never thought about tasting breast milk...now I'm going to have to do it once I'm actually breast feeding.

Tiara said...

Very interesting milk facts...now I'm intrigued to taste breast milk too!


I lived on a kibbutz for about a month during a summer in high school. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life!(I think it was called Ein Carmel) So, the breast milk tastes yummy, eh? That must be why the babies just can't get enough of it! I'm impressed by your talent of being able to do it yourself!

Paige said...

Wow, that is a lot of facts about milk. Very important stuff, cow and breast. Hoping I'll have milk too and be able to join the club.

Genkicat said...

So good to hear about you. FYI - I didn't follow the rules either!