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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hanukkah, 8 days of small miracles. Day #1

I'm stealing Shannon's week of thankfulness and turning it into eight days of small miracles, as it is now Hanukkah, the festival of miracles. Let's see if I can come up with 8 small miracles. You are welcome to join the fun and come up with your miracles!

So day one. I'll keep the obvious one for tomorrow because today was a first:-).
I have the cats who now live outside. I am actually now hardly with them, I more or less just feed them. But even feeding them is not so easy with a little baby in my arms. So I have to put her down in the house, go down and out to feed them and back to her, which means they get fed whenever I can. I keep telling them this is momentary, that as soon as Butterfly will be able to sit, it will be easier as I would just put her down by my side while feeding them. [and might I add that it probably won't be too long now, as when she's on six, she goes down into a sitting position but still has her hands on the floor. Can't wait for her to sit!] Anyway, as she can be on six, it occurred to me today that I can put her (gently as outside tiling are rough..) on six and feed the cats. Stupid, maybe, but it felt today like a new world is opening with what the girl can do, a little miracle :-).

EDT - So not a miracle.
Seems (and I so don't listen/read/see news so I only just heard this) there is a big fire up north and a bus with prison guards was on the way to help (I think to evacuate a nearby prison) and the bus got cought in the flames, and 40 people (all?) were burnt to death. Too sad.


Tiara said...

Happy Hanukkah!!

Miss X said...

Happy Hanukkah! What's a Six?

Billy said...

Being on six - when they are up on their knees and hands (we call it standing on six because it's using six points - 2 feet, 2 knees, 2 hands. thought it's also called so in English..). This is the position that they get themselves into as they get on to crawling (which she is also at the early stages of) and how they first sit (putting their bum down to one side and eventually learning to straighten the back and lift hands from floor).

Miss X said...

That makes sense! But I haven't heard it in the U.S. before.