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Monday, 31 January 2011

(NOT) going to sleep [a rant]

It is now quarter to ten. She's been up since six. She is tired. She should have already had her morning nap (or at least be napping) by now. But she will not go to sleep. I know today is worse because I've been less with her and more on the computer (trying to do some internet catching up, because morning is almost the only time I have for such, as when girl goes to sleep, I too "have to" go to bed. the plus side is that I don't get carried away and go to sleep too late like I did before but more importantly much easier to sooth her back to sleep if I'm by her side than if I'm only 20 seconds away in the next room). Just lies nursing by your side with eyes wide open. And nope, she won't close them! [gets me so errrrr. girl, just close your eyes and see how much easier it will be to fall asleep!] and.. what's that new thing you're doing..? trying to blow bubbles on my breast??

Interrupting news. At 9:55 girl finally fell asleep and slept for an hour and a half! Woke when mummy woke and had a thought of turning and lying with back to girl! [because you know, she has the back detector, wakes up if you turn your back to her..]

And then she does fall asleep, and... a normal person falls asleep and is asleep, right? So if something was to bother them at this point they would maybe open their eyes, toss to the other side, yawn and go back to sleep. Not with this girl. The slightest thing and she wakes up and is wide awake, and I had my nap thank you very much. Just no point of even trying to put her back to sleep again for a while. And I used to say to my self - how stupid of me for whatever I did, but well...
And I keep of getting advice (more like assvice) about how to help her sleep at night, like give her a bottle (used to - a bigger bottle!) or just a teaspoon of cereal (mother keeps on going on how from two months of age that would keep us asleep for the whole night. not interested in cereal. she is big and most certainly does not need pumping up by those extra calories). And well, that's not my problem. She is a baby and as one wakes up every so often to nurse and for comfort and whatever. We share a bed so all I have to do is pick my shirt up and shove a boob in her mouth. (but first put her on a bowl as it usually means she has to pee, but that's just on a side note). I don't have a problem with her not sleeping the whole night. Oh, and it also means she nurses! I am now much better with the breast feeding, but still a positive in my books for all those wakings. My (our..) problem is getting her to sleep.

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MookiePie said...

Sorry it's been such a trying time right now!

I can't remember if you already received this award, but regardless I nominated you on my blog :)