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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Iced Ink

I thought back them it was hard having a shower with such a small baby, thought it would be easier as she grows. Well, no!!!! Sometimes she'll sit curiously outside, but mostly at some point she'll scream. So I don't shower too often, and well.. the title says it..

But more than me, let's talk about cleaning my little Butterfly. At first I used baby bath and all was well. But she out grew it, and truth is I dragged using that baby bath a bit too long. Anyway wasn't sure how to bathe her as I have no (adult) bath. My original plan was when she'll be some-what older to have her sitting on a plastic chair in the shower, but she's not quite ready for that now, so not an option.. At one time I went to my mother's and we had a bath together in her bath. At first she was a bit scared so I sat in the bath with her and nursed her.. I am so happy I can calm her like that :-). I really enjoyed that bath together - a mother and daughter together in the bath. Though for me the water was a bit cold.. But it's at my mum's house and I do need help dressing her afterwards [the room near the bath is cold, no heater. Downstaris where I would dress her is open to everyone. Obviously I'd dress her before I dress myself, but it's down-stairs, where anybody can see..]. So while it seems a good solution, we don't do it too often (in fact, we haven't after those first two tries..).
But then I do not want bathing at my mum's do be the solution. Good for now and then but not for the everyday bath. And so I got a tub, you know the one, used mainly for washing. And size wise it ideal! She can sit in it and has plenty of room. So we had our first bath in it, and all was well. Then, for some reason or another, we didn't have a bath in about a week. The week that she learnt to stand. The next time I put her in that tub (and probably my mistake for being concerned first with wetting her and not with showing her the toys..), she just got up and screamed and screamed and screamed. [I will note that while I most certainly call what she did screaming, sister says Butterfly was just crying. the truth is probably somewhere in between..]. From then it became quite impossible to bathe her - she stands up, refuses to sit and screams/cries. Tried putting her together with her two yr cousin. nope. Tried warmer water. nope. Tried more water. nope. Tried less water. nope. Tried more toys. nope. Mum tried in her bath. nope (o.k, she did get her bathed, but not without tears being shed). Tried breastfeeding her while in the tub. Not an easy feat, to say the least. nope (well yes while on the breast, but not a second after..). What I do eventually do* is take her out when she cries, and while she's on me put the soap on and then wash it off with water - yes, while she's still on me.. So bath is a rare occasion in our household nowadays.

And not so related (well should do something about the stench, lol), I understand sis has a guy to fix me up with for a blind date. I don't know anything about him yet, so I am jumping my horses, but.. How do you do it? How do you date when you have a little baby at home? More so when mother goes to bed together with daughter [I know this is not the best thing to do, but right now it works best for us..]? I mean for that first date I could ask my mother to watch the girl, but I don't know about next possible dates, and well I can't go out saying - you're a nice guy but I have a baby so won't be able to see you again until...... As I said I am ahead of me. I only just heard there's a guy...

And talking about guys, a weird dream I had. I'll cut it short to the point - this guy (and might I add that I dreamt it before hearing of potential date) gives me this wedding ring, except on the ring is engraved the name Emily (not my name!) and I don't remember what else. He couldn't/didn't even bother rubbing previous girl's name! Was totally weird as weddings and guys (in the dating sense) are not ususally what I dream about. [I wonder if this guy I'm suppose to date had an Emily before, lol]

* I am told to just wash her and she'll get used to it etc. I am not willing to make bathing time a trauma for her.


bleu said...

Both my children took showers before baths. I took Soul into the shower at 2 days old and have been since. She still loves being in the shower, she will sit or stand under the water, play with cups filling and dumping them. But as babies I held them to me and got a rinse off at least every few days and when they were able to hold their heads themselves then I could use one hand to wash half of me then rinse then switch sides and do the other. I would let the spray softly hit them at first and let them put their hand out to feel the water and then I would let it hit part of their back slowly at first. But both children loved them quickly.
I also would sit them on the floor next to the shower with the door open and take a 3 minute quick soap and rinse shower.

Good Luck!!

battynurse said...

Hope she starts to get better about the whole bath thing soon.
Good luck too with the possible blind date.


Dating is definitely a challenge! I sleep with my kids, often, too, and my recent relationship was definitely strained by that. But, in the end, if he doesn't understand that the kids come first, he's out the door!

Good luck with the bathing situation! That has also been a challenge for me...for the longest time my little e wouldn't get into the shower..that was difficult when we were traveling through Europe where baths are not common in hotels! There were a couple times when I just had to go into the shower with her to get her clean, even though she would scream the whole time! Ah, but isn't it fun? :-)

..al said...

Well, can't clue you at all about the bathing thing. But I hope it gets better soon.

That blind date thing - I hope it works out well. I think saying the truth would be the best idea.

Strgblkwmn said...

lol, yea showers feel like a luxury since Kaj has been born...lol...