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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Morning Walk

[sorry fb friend for the duplicates..]

Butterfly was happily greeting my sister's (and neighbour's) dog when she saw the camera. She of course came rushing to the camera while I was going - nooooo noooo which (as can be seen) made her laugh. I quickly pressed the button (while my other hand was trying to keep her away) before moving the camera out of her reach. I actually very much like the result!

Her best friend! Always when we leave the house for our walk, she goes looking for sister's dog to join us with the walk.
My little girl is very hard at work here! Collecting the stones and putting them in a new location..

Picking Chinese Oranges (do you also called them C.O in English?). Plenty of fruit on the trees now and we pick and eat some of this and some of that. I love that she is learning that food comes from natural sources (and not [only] the supermarket)

This was a typical morning walk for us (only difference is that I was with a camera..). Our aim is (mostly) no where in particular. It can take us over an hour to get to a point I would alone do in maybe 10 minutes. I more often want to move on (for example, with the stones, she was probably ten minutes there enjoying herself) but then remind myself that it is no where special we are going to, just enjoying being outside in the fresh air!

Showing the pictures to Butterfly on the computer, mentioning her name, she was pointing at herself! I don't know if this is expected at this age or what, I just know I have never taught her to point to herself, so it made me a very proud mama when she did so!!


Little One said...

Butterfly is absolutely beautiful! And the photographs are really nice! Makes me start to imagine walks with Scarlett. Thanks :)

Tiara said...

Butterfly is gorgeous! Stunningly so! Look at those eyes! I am just itching for the weather to get nice here so I can get out walking with Elena.

Lily said...

That's a beautiful initial photo of Butterfly! What a lovely shot - just shows that the chance pics are sometimes the best!

Laraf123 said...

Yes, I agree--she is gorgeous (all the time, but especially in this outdoor light). You've inspired me to take more walks with my children!

Miss X said...

Aww, she is so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I don't know what a chinese orange is.