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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

"A--m no dirty"

or was it - No A.dam dirty ?
[Ad.am being her new baby cousin whom Butterfly loves so much]
While it was prompted by me (I did say - Ada.m isn't dirty*) it was her doing, THREE words!!
Oh and yes, I'll probably tell you every little advancement we make in speech :-).

Just a short post, so let me add that I finally decided yes to go for the translation degree (if you remember back some time ago I was thinking about it, but then I put it aside as in maybe not such a good idea). Besides this difficult test you have to do to get into the program, I do fear I might have missed even the late registration. It does mean a very difficult two or three years but I do hope that in the long run it will give me opportunity for more income.

I have so many little projects, like a story about brushing teeth I'm writing for daughter (almost almost finished writing it, but have trouble finishing it off plus I would then need to find photos to go with it and get it printed) and looking for a suitable how I (as in daughter) came to be SMC + IVF book for kids and not finding anything I like, I am thinking about writing something myself, and being with Butterfly 24/7 and this translation gig, finishing the tabs for my blog, etc. I think I'll drop my - 'oh I'm going to spend my lazy summer learning how to knit' plan....

*I'm cutting short here but really nothing to do with the boy, more with my girl showing me her dirty hands and just saying dirty and me trying to get her to say more asking if A is dirty....


MookiePie said...

Very cool going to get your translation degree--sounds very time consuming, but quite rewarding!
Yay to Butterfly for her ever expanding use of language :)
Maybe you could try to have one lazy summer day ;)

Tiara said...

Good for you for going for your degree, that is very exciting!

& bring on the Butterfly speech updates, I love hearing about her progress! She's doing great!