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Monday, 27 August 2012

Perfect Moment

My friend had a pool birthday party for her daughter today (Friday). As we came early and as my daughter looooves water and pools and all, we were the first ones in the pool. But I quickly remembered my waiting to hear from the fertility clinic (and being Friday, made me quite nervous I'll miss the instructions) so I drugged her out of the pool. Luckily I didn't have to wait too long for the call, but now Butterfly would not go back into the water. So while everybody was having a good time in the water, we were playing on the grass and I was hoping for a change of heart while trying to be cool with being at a pool party and not being in the pool.
Anyway, food was brought out and people came out of the pool to eat and a bit of party games and birthday cake and then people began to leave. And then she uttered - pool. Yes, now with most of the people gone she wanted in! (so that's what bugged her..). It was evening by now and really lovely!

So we were having a great time enjoying ourselves. And then she started screaming [or shouting? you know, for the fun of it..] and I, while reluctant at first, joined her.And we were screaming, forehead to forehead in the water and just enjoying the moment.I can't so much explain why it was such a moment. Maybe I too often think of how when she'll grow a bit more or talk a bit more etc and am not in the actual moment of my little toddler. Maybe it was because we were finally in the water or the coolness of the evening or the atmosphere at the end of the party with only a few people left. And maybe it was just simply a mother-daughter moment. I did, anyhow think of it's perfectness at the time and then I come home and open FB and see Lori mentioning the Perfect Moment Monday and while I haven't participated in a very very long time, isn't that a sign saying I should? :-).


Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

Oh I love how you were able to just enjoy the time laughing and screaming in the pool with your daughter.

That sounds truly perfect, just being in the moment!

Mud Hut Mama said...

This is a really lovely perfect moment. I sometimes find it difficult to really be in the moment with my kids and not let everything else get in the way, but it is so wonderful when it happens. I'm so glad you had this moment with your daughter.

Tiara said...

Perfect moment indeed...sounds like a great one!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I can just picture it, you and your daughter forehead to forehead just reveling in the glory of the day.

So great to see you in perfect moments again! This was a perfect one :-)

Anonymous said...

Those are the best moments. The ones you don't plan. When my boys were smaller, something like that would happen and I would think, I am going to remember this, this feels so perfect, so sweet. I don't always remember them now but do remember relishing them. Always made me so happy I was able to be home with them, to capture all the little nothings that are a big something.

Kathy said...

Those moments are so precious and so perfect. Good for you being able to recognize how special this time with your daughter is and thank you for sharing it here.

I wish you many more perfect moments in the day and weeks to come.

Justine L said...

I love these kinds of moments. :) Sometimes my daughter starts screaming, and I scream back, and it's like having our own private language of silly and joyful. Thanks for making me smile, thinking of the perfect moments I've had with her, too!

Genkicat said...

What a fabulous moment with your daughter. They are very precious.