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Monday, 10 September 2012

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Didn't expect anything else as I feel completely nothing. I wonder if that buzz I felt back then was the progesterone or maybe little embryo was alive back then and was sending distress calls. I am of course going soon for the beta but I won't be waiting for the results (will be curious though to see my progesterone levels).
Later I will call the clinic to schedule an appointment which most likely means this month is lost (if there is a next time I'll schedule the appointment earlier. The problem this month is that they are taking some time off and I didn't want to start a cycle worrying if the timing will be okay or not).

EDT: Oh the lab must be kidding. It's already 20:00 and still no beta results. Yes, I got a very negative pee stick (I even tried to dig it out of the bin some hours later to see if maybe maybe there is a faint line. lol) and my period is here so I am not really waiting for it. But does the word 'urgent' really needed to be written on a referral for a beta?! Isn't it clear that that is one blood test that needs to be done today?? [mustn't forget next time to ask the doctor to add 'urgent'..]
Not to mention that the nurse that takes blood must have forgotten to put in the TSH test the doctor ordered which is quite a nuisance as I now have to go back to the doctor to get the referral and then again to the lab. oh well. (and I was happy to be able to do in all in one..)


MookiePie said...

Sorry :( and big hugs your way!!!
Stinks that they are taking some time off and you may lose a month of trying too.

Tiara said...

That sucks, I'm sorry

Laraf123 said...

I'm sorry. It's a big disappointment and you don't need stress added to it.

Little One said...

So sorry it didn't take. Hopefully second time's a charm.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry! :(

Kimmyann said...

Sorry. Wishing you had different results