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Friday, 26 October 2012

A Dream

Not sure where I was or with who (but not at home and/or with family) but I gave birth to my second child. It was such an easier birth! In no time and with no pain [I do recommend giving birth in dreams, lol]. But I don't think I saw the baby. I then went home, but without the baby (because s/he had to go to the hospital??*). Was wondering how and if to tell people I gave birth. Was thinking something about how the Ides of March is not such a great day for delivering a baby, but the 16th of March is a great day!! (yes, apparently it was the 16th of March when I gave birth). But when I came and everyone was there (I was expecting only my mother), I just shouted out the fact that I just gave birth. Everyone was happy and excited, but no baby.

I really don't like the idea that in all the dream there was no actual baby, I don't think it's a good sign. Oh well, did somebody say the crazy two weeks?

*It was a strange point in the dream too as I did not give birth in a hospital but I guess I had to find some "excuse" for why I didn't have baby with me.

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