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Friday, 28 December 2012

"I am not pregnant"
"no symptoms, ha.. but wait, don't forget the embryo was a late bloomer, so let's give it a few more days.."

"not pregnant"
"not pregnant"
"not pregnant"

oh wait, the boobs that are really big and really hurt? could that be more than just the progesterone supplements? maybe??

and then at night, feeling that feeling in my boobs, the one I KNOW means something is happeing..

"I am pregnant"
"I am pregnant!"

Sitting at lessons with a smile on my face, feeling an incy tincy feeling in my boob, waiting for the evening for when I will surely get that feeling of a body preparing to carry a baby. As the day proceeds, I start to understand that no, this is not going to happen. Not this time. It was probably a chemical pregnancy (I do believe I was feeling more than just the prog I am taking. In fact I am writing this post for future reference for myself) but now I am most certainly convinced
I am not pregnant!
I now very bad at taking those supplements because when I know, I know.

I am supposed to test on Monday (impossible as I study that day). I think I will skip the Beta and just wait for my period. IF I don't get my period by the end of next week, perhaps I'll go in for a Beta.

Unfortunately next cycle won't be for a few more months as I am now very hard financially.

EDT: Sat morning, got my period. which is a yay since I prefer getting it on the weekend and not when I'm studying a full long day or when we are invited to a birthday party... also I'm glad I "officially" know it's over.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. This whole TTC thing really can suck.

Shannon said...

Crap. I'm sorry. I was so hoping T42 would be easy for you!

Little One said...

Is there any hope at all? This post definitely had me riding the roller coaster with you. Wishing you success soon.

Tiara said...

Hoping there's hope? What a roller coaster TTC is! Take care...thinking if you.

MookiePie said...

So sorry :(