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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Semester Break

well that's a joke, at least here - an Australian fellow student told me how at home they have a date until when all test and papers are due, and then after that they have two weeks of nothing - a real break! Well here they scatter the papers and the tests all over the so called break. I have two big papers to hand in in the next few days (which is obviously why I am writing this post! procastonator!) plus some small ones. This would be about the middle of the break. Then I have two more big papers (and another small, don't think should be any problem one) to be handed in at the end of the break. And then there's the homework. Don't I just love it how they say that since you are on break and have nothing to do we'll give you homework...
The funny thing - here it is called - semester's vacation! yes, right!! (btw likewise maternity leave is called in Hebrew a birth vacation. somebody wasn't looking up the right word in the dictionary when they were deciding on the names!)
Plus a friend offered me a job translating. I do need the money plus it should be good experience  so of course I happily said yes. But it won't be easy..
And I've seen the doctor today and am about to start cycling :-) [I am on CD4, I start on CD21] - nothing more to boost moral than to start a new cycle. Oh, and how do you know this is not your first or even second time? When (after seeing the doctor) the nurse is looking for a room in which she can sit with you (her room was occupied), and when you go into the vacant room you realize that she won't be able to give you the packet of syringes.....
I wanted to do a natural cycle as I don't produce a lot of eggs, so better just go natural. He said my response is not bad at all, so he recommended a medicated one. Don't know how or what I'll do if this cycle doesn't work, but for now I'm trying his new protocol.


Little One - I'm so sorry I don't have time right now to read blogs, but scanning through my reader I saw you had a birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Tiara said...

Doesn't sound like a break at all! Good like with this cycle

Little One said...

Thanks, Billy. I don't actually have time to read or respond to blogs now either. But good luck with your cycle. Thinking of you.