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Monday, 11 February 2013

I want to ride my bicycle..

Had the joy today of transferring the sperm from the bank to the clinic. "Joy" as it involved waking up very early in the morning (took a sleeping girl out of bed. one of the things I love about her that she wakes up easily and happily and is alert from the minutes her eyes open), taking 2 buses to the clinic to take the tank. Only when we got there I remembered I should have phoned to order a tank! Luckily it was okay, phew. From there I was on a race against time, as I had less than 4 hours to be back and needed to take 2 buses to the bank and 2 buses back and bus time and waiting for the bus etc. And oh, did I not mention my daughter being with me... My poor girl, I was shouting at her quiet a lot to go quicker [funny how when we were done and had plenty of time she was running and skipping, but when I was under pressure of time she was soooo slow. lol]. The way home was three buses as I treated her for a pizza, but boy, couldn't these places have a direct bus route??

Let me now go back a little to yesterday. Yesterday, as my only pupil I have (a weak day..) canceled, I took Butterfly to a fun day at the park (again a bus ride [or two, but the second is just for one stop..] away). Although I did plan on going more often to this park, we don't go to often and not in a long time, so it was fun! but the point is the amount of wet trousers we had! And my girl is weaned!! Okay, the first wet pair is understandable as it was a peeing out fear (there was a tractor working not far away. quiet new, but she is very scared of loud noises), but did it have to be while she was sitting on my laps as I was trying to comfort her?? lol. But then was it 3 or 4 more pees because she she refused to go not in the toilet? Urg. 

Today? Today I listened to an advice I got and took a potty with us. What a difference! We went and came back with the same pair of trousers as we left! It was a bit funny having your girl sit on the potty in the middle of the street, but hey, if it works.... So now I want to look for a small potty that will be easy to take.

And then we had the talk. I have been telling her so far that she doesn't have a daddy (though she does have a mother, grandmother, blah blah), but not about how she came to be, sperm donation, etc. So I explained to her something about taking the tank because I want to have a baby in my tummy ("I also want a baby inside my tummy"....). At some point she asked me what was in the tank. What do I say? Saying something about a possible baby that will be put into me felt wrong. Wrong mainly be cause, well, what about my eggs? While she is still too young, I still want her to know that genetically both parents have an equal role in creating a new child, it is not only the father and his sperm. Avoiding or lying are completely out for me. So I gave her her first explanation about how in order to have a baby you need an egg from a mummy and a sperm from a daddy, and since in our family we don't have a daddy (and she confirmed that no daddy :-)) I got sperm form (at first I said a nice man, but then remembered Shannon's advice.. have to work on what exactly I say!) someone and now we are taking it to this place to keep for  us.
At night time, btw, out of the blue and with no connection, she was talking to herself saying something about no daddy, I think the first time I heard such talk!

I will end with this video clip of her riding her bicycle. I bought it for her second birthday, but only now she is tall enough to actually ride! She is still very much at the beginning, so still very wobbly, but she is riding :-).
p.s - my sister and I.. we talk in Hebrew.. sorry about that, lol. [I am just talking about her wobbliness, if you must!]


Little One said...

I can't watch the video on my phone. Will have to see it from computer. But I think you handled the daddy talk beautifully. Good luck with t42.

Tiara said...

Great video! Way to go, Butterfly!!

Isn't it the way that they always go slow when we need to rush & are happy to run along when we are at leisure!! Kids, lol!!!

MookiePie said...

I think she rides better than I ;)

Laraf123 said...

I remember the logistics involved with trying for my second. Well for that matter the logistics of trying for my first were not much easier. Oh the things we do to build our families. Now, though, it all seems very, very worth it!

Best wishes to you!