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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


As you can see very clearly, the drawing above is my soon to be new tablet!*&**
But more than being a picture of my (or her) tablet, this is the first! (well technically the third as she drew more of these in the last two days) picture she has drawn FOR ME! "here mummy, this is your tablet" she told me. That makes me so excited. I mean I've been around other kids drawing for their mothers, never really doing a picture for me unless told/asked to, because as much as I might be close (and even if the kid did often refer to me as "mother"), I am not his mother! And this is my daughter and she drew a picture FOR ME! (a dream come true:-) )

* I'm planning on getting one for my birthday, instead of the one she dropped.. (and more than once). I think it's a great tool for such young hands plus I would have fun with it too..
** and please don't be like my mother who couldn't see a tablet. it's the thought that counts! (Butterfly came up with saying it's a tablet all on her own)


Tiara said...

What is your mother talking about? That looks exactly like a tablet!!! What a precious moment for you :)

Little One said...

I knew it was a tablet before you said anything. Love it.

SurlyMama said...

It's beautiful!

Laraf123 said...

Of course it's a tablet! Such thoughtful little girl :)