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Monday, 26 August 2013


Before I get to my post, let me say a word or two about "followers". As I was entering the dashboard in order to write this post, my eye happened to notice my followers. 39 of you! I know last time I've checked there were about 28 (but I really don't look at this, so it probably was some years ago..). I am especially at owe with the fact that people are following me as I myself do not follow anyone (that is not how I read blogs) and don't have a "follow me" button, so I have no idea how they do it, lol. But hey, thank-you for taking the time and the effort to follow me!

And now - numbers. If I did do tags, I would have tagged this under homeschooling unschooling (but I don't bother with tags..). It was just a wow and I had to record it :-)

If you remember, I do not actively teach my daughter letters and/or numbers. Well yesterday we were playing phoning each other with my old phone and I was pressing numbers while saying them aloud (I'm dialing two two three ..... ). Nothing interesting to report about that, just might be the background for today.

Yesterday we also got from the post a new calender for the coming year (our year starts around Sep), the type that you hang, with big squares and numbers in them. I was looking at it, looking at this year's theme [every year they send a calender as a little gift and every year they have a different theme]. I was also thinking to myself if the pictures are any worth cutting out and doing some art project with her (nope..), and that was it about the calender.
So today Butterfly sees the calender and asks me where 70 is (told her there is no 70, but here, this is a 7). I can tell you I was so amazed she even knew these were numbers because really, beyond yesterday with the phone, I do not do numbers.  So she asked me a few times where's the seven and where's the eight, scribbling each time on the square. Oh a bit off topic - did I tell you how sometimes she tells me she's writing (usually my name) and them goes on to scribble something?
And then she went with my mother to a library. Not the library we go to, but a new one to us in a nearby town. Anyway I was told that outside the library there is a very big picture of squares on the floor with numbers letters and my daughter went unprompted to the box with the 7 on it and told my mother it was 7. [she then did the same with number 1, but I think you will agree with me that for someone new to reading numbers, it might look quite the same].
This just proves to me that she is eager to learn and she will learn even if I do not directly teach her, and that I am doing right with her :-).

My lucky number has always been 7!


Little One said...

It does go to show you that every child learns...and the importance of following their interests.

Laraf123 said...

I agree with Little One. You're doing great! (Both of you!)

Tiara said...

You are doing very right with her!! It's just amazing to watch them learn!