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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

it's 23:30 now

no sign of Butterfly going to sleep anytime soon. We did try before but it was obvious a no-go so we stopped that attempt. If this was a one time thing I would say annoying but happens. If she slept this afternoon [she was with the nanny and says she hasn't slept] I would have said very annoying but oh well.. But she lately goes to sleep very late with last week being the worst - two nights ago was the "highlight" when she went to sleep after 1:00 am. We woke up relatively early and were both cranky and tired all day. She did go to sleep that night nice and early (19:30!) and had a nice long sleep, and I thought that was the end of that.
So now I am just venting while she is sitting on the floor next to me. I know it may be because we currently don't have a schedule [I still haven't started studying and not yet fully scheduled with my pupils and it is a holiday right now]. I also don't dictate for her when to go to sleep, I let her tell me when she wants to. She is now lying on the floor. She did once lie on the floor and then suddenly fall asleep so I am hoping. So I am now just waiting for some non mummy time.

EDT: 4 minutes after midnight. She is finally asleep. big sigh of relief.

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Shannon said...

What a long night. Ugh. I hope her sleep has improved!