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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Oh, I know I haven't been here in way too long. Unfortunately I hardly have time. We are doing fine - Butterfly is such an amazing little kid, and the things she says :-)

Just wanted to put here this short video of my crazy little girl being soaked by her cousin [I see kids on FB dressed nicely, hair tied up and everything is so neat and tidy, and I think how nice these kids look, but they are so not my kid! This is my kid; having fun playing with water, and earlier in mud, being barefooted (and changing clothes many times)]


Laraf123 said...

Very fun! (I always said my kids would be perfectly neat and wear pulled together outfits coordinated to our activities. HAH! Now I just care that the important parts are covered and they are having fun!

Nell said...

You know that most of those "super together" kids probably looked like everyone else's kids. :-) Life is too short to stress,

Little One said...

I never thought my kid would be the neat kid...I just don't put her in white clothes :)

Tiara said...

I'm with Little One...no white clothes for us!! I let E choose her outfits most of the time & she comes up with interesting combinations!

Billy said...

Thank you guys.
I probably wasn't clear, I am not stressed or worried or concerned about my girl not being that kind of girl, rather I am PROUD of who she IS.
And I should have mentioned it was "Lel-Haseder" (the first night of Pesach) the other night with plenty of pictures on FB of kids dressed nicely going to celebrate..

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