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Friday, 23 January 2009

...and lighter

Thank you all you Lost & Founders for stopping by. I am much much better, but it still fills the heart to see so many who care enough to stop by.

Doctor was late (in fact, very late) for the insems this morning ( On a Friday they come to the clinic from the hospital. I gather he got caught up there, but he was at least 2 hours late), which meant I had to find someone to pick up Jupiter [I was sitting there anxious - will I make it on time? I really didn't want Jupiter spending the weekend there. I finally asked someone to borrow their phone to call my sister, but forgot her number (might I add - a very easy number!). Eventually I did call her and have that worry off of my chest] and well came home to late for work. Oh well.. (at least I did the grocery shopping).

While waiting at the clinic, I was even (God forbid) getting excited! I was last to be inseminated (probably because I bring the sperm and then go to have some breakfast, so I'm kind of last to come.. LOL, really doesn't bother me). Doctor comes in, with me already ready for him, with my feet wide open in his direction and asks (might I add while he was still standing): "How are you?". I mean it is nice that I am not a number (and since he was so late they had to quickly do one after the other) and that he shows interest, but please, no chit-chats when my privates are your view..

Anyway insem was O.K. I lay there afterwards closing my eyes, relaxing (but after about two minutes decided that's it and got up and dressed. Funny, I really don't believe in the necessity of laying still 20 min after insem. But hell I won't go to the toilet as long as I can, just in case sperms might slip out...).
Got up and dressed, and felt so l i g h t. I felt good and positive and happy, I even "Shabbat Shalom"ed the guard when leaving the building (and I'm not too good on greetings..). So yes, I am feeling positive now. Don't necessarily know if this cycle will work out or not, but that doesn't matter, because hey I AM GOING TO BE A MOTHER!


Anonymous said...

That's the spirit! Crossing my fingers for you!! And yes, you will be a mother.

Dora said...

Awesome! You sound great!

Pepper said...

Your positivity makes me smile.

Cheers to you!