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Thursday, 22 January 2009

On a lighter note (but heavier arms..)

I call Jupiter (my cat) a king, because that's what he is. He doesn't associate with the riff raff, rather comes and goes as he pleases. He loves being pet, but likes to play hard to get (well, if you insist on stoking by beautiful fur, I might just let you. Hmmm, would you mind stoking under my chin?). And he has a right to be a king. He's with me long before the others (he's 4.5 and I had him since he was 2 days old!) and is here for keeps. Anyway lately he's been snuggling up a lot, and even, lo and behold, spending the night here. I assumed it was because it's kind of winter (winter? could have fooled me.). But I had a feeling he might not be well, that he wasn't really eating (kind of hard to tell with all the cats), and then last weekend he looked at me in a way he doesn't, and well off to the vet.

Taking him there.. had to borrow a cage from the vet. Managed quite easily to get him in, even though he is not used to such things (he is such a good cat!) and headed to the vet. Did I mention that the vet is a 15 minute walk from my house? Well, hmmm, that would be without this heavy load on my hands (he's a big guy. Seems he weighs 6.7 KG - exactly a tenth of me.. not to mention the weight of the cage) which is very inconvenient to carry by handle. To make things easier, he really didn't like the idea of being caged, and was not going to sit peacefully while cars zoom by us and people, lots of people, and my sister's dog who liked the idea of a walk. Oh no, he twisted and turned in the little cage, tried as hard as he can to escape. Which eventually, yes, he succeeded. Luckily we were a few steps from the clinic. I put the cage down on a stone wall in order to rest my aching arms, and in doing so must have released a valve. I managed to catch him and carry him with one hand, holding the cage with the other. Really lucky it happened close by, because I don't think I would have been able to make it (my greatest fear is him running into the street and getting run over). Anyway, after looking at him, they send him home with me and told me to bring him in the next day (he needed an operation). Ooh so now we had to do this journey not only one more time, but two more the next day! And... well while I was at there, I tried asking if they know of anyhow to get rid of cats. Kind of told me that all organizations are full and won't accept cats, and that it's my "fault" for feeding stray cats. So I ended up booking the 3 females to be fixed (they had a 3 for the price of 2 deal). At least let me not have any more new cats. I'm to bring them on Sunday and Tuesday. I figured I would do 2 on Sun and 1 on Tues as I am more pressured for time on Tue. And I am thinking, yea another 6 more trips with a heavy and very uncomfortable bundle (those cages were sure not made to carry cats!), but maybe somewhat easier since Jupiter is indeed the biggest (he is the king!).

So this evening I went to collect J. He still hasn't completely woken up and they prefer if he stays the night. Which means... early morning go have my IUI, come and pick him up and then go off to work, all in kind of a tight schedule. Oh and I need to do some grocery shopping for the weekend, which being a half-day, can't be done after work but has to somehow fit in in between.
And the good news is that they want me to bring him in for a check-in on Sun. Hmm, so: 1*2 on Tue + 1*1 on Wed + 0*0 on Thurs (phew) + 1*1 on Fri + (3*2)+1 on Sun + 1*2 on Tues = very heavy arms!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the IUI tomorrow!! And the kitty travels to come!

battynurse said...

Well, at least you're working on your upper body strength. I'm trying to be optimistic. Good luck with the IUI and all the trips to the vet.