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Monday, 13 April 2009

Show and Tell #2

Usually at around Pesach, this pecan tree is full and green and beautiful, and the ground beneath it is full of pecans. This year.. not so much, just looked dead. There was another tree in the garden (the pecan is actually our neighbour's), a willow tree that was indeed declared dead, and the other day was dug up.
And suddenly, this pecan tree decided to start blooming (should have taken the picture about two days ago when it was really small buds, or yesterday when a really beautiful bird was sitting on one of the branches. And really don't know why the picture is so dark. oh well..
Now go and see what the rest of the class are showing at show and tell!

Finding that camera to take the shot.... Wanting to get into bird watching and photography and having a good camera for when baby arrives, I bought myself a decent camera. I won't talk about hardly trying it out and not knowing how or what (shame on me!), but I will mention that since I had a break-in a while ago (and not too hard to do at my place), I keep my prize possessions , my camera, at my mother's (my place is a residential unit, my mother lives in the rest, and sister #3 is a next door neighbour [not the one with the pecan]) since it is much safer there. But ahmm.. she decided she would be a good mother and hide it (i.e in case burglars take a fancy on her place). Great, except neither of us could remember where!


..al said...

Beautiful...Doesn't its sudden blooming symbolize hope?

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I don't believe I've ever seen a pecan tree.

Or a praline tree, for that matter.


I'm with WiseGuy -- may this be a portend of blooming and fertility for you.

Billy said...


(and Lori, you reminded me of this story about kids planting their sweets in hope that they'll have a toffee tree etc..)

princessoftides said...

Ah, the things that surprise us with sudden life :)

Glad you found your camera to capture the moment!

Kristin said...

Hopefully the coming to life of the tree is a symbol of things to come.