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Saturday, 19 December 2009

on this and that

On name
I know the fact that I'd rather not mention the names makes it a bit more complicated to explain (and probably much more to understand.. Once she is born, I think I'll go Dora's & Calliope's way and embed the name in a pic, but not before then..), but anyway..
As I talked about it before, I had names (both first and second) for a boy and for a girl. Problem with girl's name is that it resembles another person's name in the family, first names are just very similar and the second name is after the same person so while one can be (for eg.) John and the other Johnny, the names are still too much alike. So I thought of taking boy's second name. Alas, now the girl will have the exact same name as the person she is named after, although in a reverse order. Worse is that this is a male relative of my father, so they'll also share the same last name, so it is really the same name. I do not want her to be a complete replica of another person's life. On top of that, both names are boy's names. Now while I don't mind a girl with a boy's name, I think that having both names such is a bit too much. So.. not a good solution.
I tried thinking maybe finding another person to name her after or giving girl this person's other name, but it doesn't feel right. Another thought was trying to find a new first name, but I actually love the name I have and do not want to change it. So I am now back to square one, with the original name I wanted to give her. So one person will be William Johnny and the other Gillian John....
Now I have to figure when to tell folks here about her name. On one hand, the further the better. On the other hand, talking to her I sometimes use her name and I might one day be overheard, and I don't want it to be known like that..
And I just want to add that now that I'm pretty sure this is the name (or maybe due to writing the last post or maybe both..) I am beginning to feel a bit more connected to her, a bit more on the path towards bonding.

On iron
That I am low on my hemoglobin and iron etc does not surprise me. So I have to take iron and B12 and prenatals. Bad enough having to take iron on a full stomach but without eating milk products or eggs plus minus taking it (eggs I hardly eat, but no milk products??), but as my iron numbers are still very low, I have to take the iron TWICE a day. Twice a day having a meal that does not contain milk products?? That's changing completely my eating habits!
On a side note let me just say that lately I am eating too much junk, so I probably should be doing something about my eating habits!

On blood type
When choosing the donor, before being told that X is the only one checked for the genetic disease I'm a carrier of and therefore picking him, I was trying to think how I'll go about choosing a donor. First donor I went with sis and we chose together. Second time.. really seems less important who or what he is [take into account the minimum data I get], so I decided blood type would be a good way. As I am A+, I wanted donor to have that same blood type so that my child will also be an A+, and I was happy that non-carrier donor was indeed also an A+. Only now I learn that baby girl can be A+ or A- or O+ or O- damn.... O.K it really isn't a big deal, I mean I could have been a minus and having to deal with antibody issues and all, it was just a wow moment for me.

On the house front
Was doing my bookcase, when the idea of moving it down to my entrance came to mind. Coming into my house, there's this entrance that straight away leads to stairs going up to my place. Not very much space down there, but I do believe the bookcase could fit nicely. Now while I prefer not saying why I really love the idea of moving it down (some kind of phobia of mine [-: ), I will say that I'm loving it on other accounts. First and foremost it will make a nice space for a crib.
Basically I am going to co-sleep. First there was the issue of space, but I do also love the idea of not getting out of bed in order to nurse, and being near her at night and all (though I do mean to put a pillow between us, so I don't accidentally roll on her). But then, what if I find that co-sleeping is not for me? I do want to have the option of putting her in a crib if needed. Furthermore, I am really frightened of her sleeping alone in the bed. One thing when I'm there with her at night, another thing during the day when I might be sleeping and might not. So having her in the crib for day time sleeping sounds like a better solution to me :-).


Miss X said...

I think you should go with the girl name (of the relative)that you picked. You clearly really like it. Maybe you could just change the middle name?

The idea of co-sleeping makes me nervous. Mostly because I move a lot when I sleep! But I look forward to hearing about how you do it.

And glad to hear you will post a picture of her! I was wondering about that.

Jess said...

I agree with miss x about the girl name and co-sleeping. There are pros and cons to it. Like not having to get up out of bed to brest feed your baby. but for me, I'm scared to(I might change my mind later though), it's just that it would make me nervous of accidentally laying on my baby or something.

Anonymous said...

I think the name meant for your little one should just be the one that feels 'right' for you. Even if it's someone else's name.

I did the co-sleeping thing with Ceara, not by choice or plan, but because that was the only way either one of us got any sleep. It was difficult to get her to sleep in her own bed when the time came.

With Farty, he slept so well in the crib (7+ hours at a stretch by the time he was a month old!) that it never even came up. He did share my room until he was about a year old though, more for my paranoia because I wanted to be able to hear him breathe. Even now, he's just across the hall, but I listen to him breathe on the monitor.
I am kind of selfish at this point, and I don't want to share my bed with anyone but the cats, and even that annoys me sometimes. But if I ever end up with another baby who refuses to sleep at night, I guess I'd do it again for my own sanity.

KitchenCathi said...

I had one of those Snuggle Nest things and LOVED it - I felt very comfortable having her in it in the bed when I wasn't there, and it kept me from rolling over on her without really barring her from me (very easy access plus the clip-on nightlight was SO. HANDY. Can't stress that enough). Then I just moved that into her crib and it was an easy-peasy adjustment for her.
Good luck with the name stress, ugh!


I agree that the name should be what is in your heart...even if someone else as the same name.

As for co-sleeping, it scares me too! But, I did it with both of my kids. As much as I tried to get them to sleep in their cribs, they just cried and cried. There are beds you can get now that attach to your bed...or are put next to you on top of your bed. They keep the baby separate so you don't have to worry about rolling over on her. Let me know if you can't find them online and I'll see what I can find, if you're interested.

Quiet Dreams said...

I agree with the others. I think you should use the girl name you first liked. Things tend to work themselves out in families...people find a way to distinguish between the two names.

battynurse said...

I too would go with the name that you like. Maybe a different middle name but the name you like and have already attached to her. Good luck with all the other stuff.

Billy said...

Thanks all :-)
Yes, I think I'm 99.99999% going with that name.
Problem wasn't possible confusion (like with the eg. of Willian & Gillian), just that the full names were/are too similar, like I'm kind of taking this other person's name. But I think I'll live with it :-)

DRMOMOFTWO - thank you so much! I think what you are talking about are co-sleeping cribs, and I think basically you can do that with just any crib (have it right by the bed and open the side near the bed, of course making all the safety precautions needed). Problem is I don't really have room in my bedroom [and basically there's just a bedroom and a living room here, oh and kitchen and bathroom, of course..] so the crib will have to go in the living room.