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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feeding the Cats

One of the first things I did when starting to get my house ready was to move the feeding of the cats outside [actually months earlier, maybe a year or so ago, I got rid of the litter box. They are not bound to the house and do have full access to come and go as they please (do have to get/do though a cat's door so I can keep my door shut..). It was of course needed at one time, but took me some time to toss it away when no longer needed].
Anyway the advantage of moving the cat food out, was of course taking all the mess outside. Disadvantage, well I should be around to see that no stray cats join the party (sorry but I have/had too many cats on my hand as is, and really couldn't afford for more to join the party). Well, I was too lazy hanging around while they eat (and sometimes forget the food container open all night, one of my cats likes eating straight from there. lol), but a strange thing happened - somehow, instead of the number of cats increasing, they actually decreased. Don't know, if she's gonna feed us outside, then we'll find another home. And really I am happy for that, because as I said too many of them, and the important ones aren't going nowhere [I actually did see one of them the other day, and tried getting close to him, but he wouldn't let me. oh well].
And then there was the rain. At first (that is when moving the food out) I thought that on rainy days I'd feed them under a plastic garden table. Yeah, that never happened. Well mostly it was here a shower there a shower, nothing too serious. But then there was this downpour I think about a month ago, where I temporarily moved the feeding inside, but only to the stairs. Of course the moment it stopped, I forgot all about it and about arranging the table for them to eat under.
And then it was hot and hot and hot. Kind of strange hearing about all this snow and storms and people not being able to leave their homes for eight days because of such weather when here it was talked about it being the hottest February in I think 60 years. And well, c'est la vie, winter (if one could call that a winter) has ended and what joy (yes, I'm cynical) - summer is soon to come.
Well, Purim was this weekend (a costume wearing festival), and Mr. Rain does have the old habit of showing up for this holiday, so the past week or so it has been winter and raining and raining and raining (yay!!!). [while only a week, winter as it should be. Last few years are drier and drier and drier]. And well, cat food... of course again I moved the feeding temporarily to the stairs, but I'm not liking it. It is much too messy. I mean it's o.k for now as my house is still a long way from being ready for baby, but not sure how/what I'll do next year.

Well, kind of a long post, and not really sure what I was trying to say. But yeah, anything but to go out to the shop and buy those cats some food. Don' think I have enough to last me till tomorrow morning.

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Paige said...

Yup, I love my pets but they can be messy critters. You'll figure out next year when it gets here. Hope the rain lets up for your festival. Take care.