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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Weight EDT

A few weeks ago I mentioned something about being hungry. Thought that from there I'll start eating and eating and gaining weight and all. Yeah, that hunger strike ended just as quickly as it started. Not that I don't have now and then some small outbursts of hunger but mostly I have almost no appetite. The other day I came across the 'you shouldn't be eating for two' line. Yes, I never thought I should be eating more just because there is a baby growing in me (though do think I should be eating healthier as someone else is nourishing from me..), but what about eating enough for one?
And people are telling me how nice I've lost weight.. (mostly people who don't know and don't realize I'm preg). Which yes, of course it's nice to lose weight, except... shouldn't I be gaining weight?? Went on the scales today (today, since it's a month since I was last weighed. I'm not going to obsess and weigh myself too often), and well, granted it is not the same scale as the one at the doctor's office, but still, I have not gained any weight! I am exactly the same weight I was one month ago (which was the same as previous month and as the previous. i.e I am six months pregnant and weigh the same as before I got pregnant). Of course there is one side that's saying - the less you gain, the less you have to lose afterwards, but the other side is worried, is concerned. There is a baby growing in me. She needs nourishment. Is she getting enough? Am I harming her?
And I read how lack of iron can cause lack of appetite and I know I am low (probably very low) on iron and that I should be taking those pills. But somehow in the last month or two I have become really really bad about it. It's hard for me to take them when I can't have any milk products in the two hours before/after and need to do it on a full stomach (though now I read that it's actually better on an empty stomach. That would be easier for me..), or maybe it's the up till here with all the pills and stuff (I should also be taking B12 and prenatals). I think I started "going bad" when the dr. said I could stop taking the folic acid.
Besides lack of iron causing lack of appetite and lack of iron for baby, I understand it could also make recovery after birth harder. Though won't say I didn't smile when I read that if you are low on iron you won't be given epidural. Not being able to have an epi can only please me.. But of course I should be upping my iron levels regardless..
And then there were these two annoying remarks. The first in a book about nutrition during pregnancy that talked about how you should be gaining weight blah blah blah and how you shouldn't be concerned about that and not to try and lose weight. It annoyed me as there was no room for someone who just hasn't the appetite, who is definitely not trying to lose weight, but just not gaining it.. And another from my father. Men can sometimes be so..... Well it was on a phone conversation, and previously that day I was wondering with my mother if I am already showing and wasn't exactly sure (probably people who knew and looked for a belly could see). So he asks if I am showing and I kind of stutter, not sure what to answer, so he chuckles and says - so you gained weight, ha? Never mind that no, but you do not tell a woman she gained weight, even if she is pregnant! As I said, men...

And not so related.. Yesterday my sister said (after telling me I've lost weight..) how I definitely now am beginning to have a pregnancy belly (see, haven't gained weight = in general losing weight, but belly is somewhat growing), so I had her take some pictures of me so I'll have something to put in baby's album :-).

And really not related.. :-) Probably mainly because of the cats. Last two nights I had three of them sleeping on me - one just above my feet, the second higher up my legs and a third under my neck. It's nice that they're snuggling on me, especially on cold nights, but hmmm... that makes me unable to move (the first two came after I was already asleep..), and oh my back!

And then there's my heart beat. There was a time when I was terrified of hearing my own heart. I don't know why or when it began, but I just couldn't bare it. Only in the last few years I have shaken out of that fear and actually even enjoy sometimes feeling it! (I put a finger on my neck or by my ear to feel it..).
But in the last two weeks or so, I can hear/feel my heart beating almost all the time in my left ear (which is my better ear, urg!). I can hear it going thomp thomp thomp quickly after I have been doing some physical activity (like climbing some stairs..), and I can hear it go at a slower pace when I'm just sitting. Nice to know that I'm still alive (and very glad I've out grown that fear I used to have), but it is on the verge of driving me crazy!

EDT (Mon afternoon):
The hearing of my heart beat in my ear - didn't think it was anything to worry about. Just thought it was one of those weird symptoms one sometimes gets. As I went today to have the glucose test done, I asked the nurse to check my blood pressure (thanks everyone for suggesting I'd do so!). So while it did go up from previous readings (which were somewhat low), it is still in the normal range (120/70), which I think was what I more or less had prior to conceiving. So while I probably should keep an eye on things [oooh, can I use the Hebrew phrase here - to be with hand on pulse... ?lol], I believe I'm o.k.
Anyway I have (finally!) made an appointment to the nurse's station [was debating between a here and a there. Now just have to find a doctor :-)].
Oh and appointment? It's on the 10th, in the year 2010 at 10:10 in the morning... (yikes, only the month spoils it!). So I'll talk to him about it when I see him on Wed.


battynurse said...

The baby will take whatever she needs from you. She is getting what she needs. You may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need for yourself (so it's important to eat when you can) but she will take what she needs. I'm not sure what your weight was before pregnancy but it can be somewhat common for someone who's a bit overweight to not really gain weight for their pregnancy.
I will say though with the being able to hear your heart beat in your ear that you should get your blood pressure checked. Probably fine but still a good idea to have it checked.

Billy said...


Wishing 4 One said...

Oh my girl. Great advice frm battynurse it sounds like. I am sure your baby is getting what it needs and all is fine. Check your blood pressure though. xoxoxox

rachelbk said...

I actually lost 12lbs in the first 2 trimesters. Like you, I had no appetite and was living basically on a can of peaches or pears every day. But I then gained 13lbs in the 3rd trimester. I did have mild iron deficiency, but ended up with an 8lb 9oz baby despite it all. If your baby is measuring on track for dates, all is probably fine. But getting your BP checked is always a good idea.

bleu said...

The heart beating loudly is because your blood volume significantly increases in pregnancy and continues throughout. More blood equals stronger beating. I used to hear it in my ears all the time. I liked it because it meant things were working well.

As for food and vitamins I DO think you should be having your levels checked. Are you eating leafy greens if not taking iron supps? I get no apetite, I lost 25 pounds this last pregnancy, but I started severely overweight and I made sure I ate a lot of protein and fiber. You are losing weight because if you stay the same then the baby is taking it and you are losing it. Itis all fine so long as the food you do eat is nourishing you both.

Yes the baby will take what it needs but it can suck you out good. You can get severe teeth problems suddenly from it and bone issues. You do not want to give borth and be so depleted you cannot function when you need to most so I urge you to just keep track of how you are doing.

I am by no means saying you are not doing ok hun, just be aware and maybe get a blood test here and there.

take care

Miss X said...

I think most women wish they'd stay the same/lose weight while pregnant (especially if overweight) so be thankful. I have no doubt the baby is getting what she needs but YOU may be deficient. Try to eat healthy and take your supplements. My mom is really into nutrition and says you need extra Omega 3 to help prevent post partum depression.


All great advice from everyone. I didn't know that about blood pressure and being able to hear your heartbeat. Interesting! I'm not an expert, but I think it's probably not a big deal that you haven't gained any weight yet and that you have no appetite. I agree that you should keep in close contact with your doctor, though. Six months --> you're going to pop any day now! Soon there will be absolutely no question that there is a little baby in there!

KitchenCathi said...

I gained very little weight the first few months, and only took iron pills for like a week because they, uh, didn't agree with me. And I DEFINITELY did not eat leafy greens or fiber, I ate cake. I had a totally sedentary lifestyle as well. Not to say that all these things were good, but just that JR turned out ok despite my fears and worries. Just do the best you can for you, your baby will be fine! I always reminded myself that people did much worse and still had healthy babies.

Jess said...

My nurse says to eat 6 small meals a day(which for me is so hard to do). I have gained 17 pounds so far and my doctor isn't really happy about my weight gain. So I dont think you should be alarmed with loosing weight. Just try and eat a lot of whole grains and fruits.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I have low blood pressure and I hear my heartbeat at night in my right ear. Drives me crazy. Let me know what you find out about it, as my doctor kind of waved it off.

Good advice from Battynurse.