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Saturday, 24 April 2010

A Thousand Years Old

Picking up my nephew and doing the 15 minute walk home, there is always going to be a Ben10 "discussion" [well actually it is now more and more the new TV hero which I can't remember his (kind of makes me sad that almost all TV heroes are boys. Is there any girl hero out there fighting the evil ones!?) name]. Discussion in " " as he does all the talking. Frankly I'm quite sick of it.

And then lately there is also always something cute he says regarding age. Just for the record, he is almost five years old. In fact, he will turn 5 the day after I have my birthday (my sister's water broke on the way home from celebrating my birthday..) and a few days before my due date :-).
So the other day he explains to me that a thousand is bigger that a hundred, and that he wants to be a thousand years old! Funny how we are never satisfied with our age. When we are children we want to be older, as grown-ups we want to be children again. Good thing I didn't tell him that a million is even bigger than a thousand, because then he'd want to be a million years old, lol.
And then there's his friend O who is about half a year older than L (my nephew). I think all these age conversations started when O turned 5. L just couldn't get it how O is now 5 while he himself is stuck being 4.5! ERG, that is completely not fair! And it rots because O will already be 7 years old when L will finally be 5! And did I forget to mention that both are about the same height (both tall boys), so it really is wrong that the other boy should be five before he is?
And yes, maths is not quite with him yet, as when he'll be his brother's age (always looks up to his 14.5 old brother!), his brother will be 90 years old!
And lately his tooth started to wobble, so he is now most certainly older than O!

I love these conversations, love seeing into young children's way of thinking :-).

I think, really really not sure, could well be the med student syndrome, reading all the stuff about labour and all, but I think maybe I started having braxton hicks! And wow, that means I'm on the last stretch!


Anita said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I also love the conversations I get to have with my nieces & nephews (they're all under 5) as well as my little guy!

Good luck during these last few weeks of your pregnancy!

rebecca said...

Kid logic is so funny, gotta love how they think! Congrats on reaching the last few weeks of your pregnancy, hope it goes smoothly:)


K said...

Cute! I remember NEVER wanting to grow up as a kid- I think I knew what I was talking about now that I am grown up, lol. Childhood was much simpler.

35 weeks is on time for BH contractions. Good luck! Hope baby arrives just when they'er meant to!


Tiara said...

Wow, BH contractions!! It won't be long now!!