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Saturday, 17 July 2010

S l e e e e e p !

O.K, always said that not sleeping is the one reason why not to be a mother.. I mean I so love my sleep, could sleep and sleep and sleep.
And who am I to complain - my girl does sleep the night! 6 hours! (and she does know her maths, I mean if she went down at midnight, then she'll be up at 6:00 sharp. But last night, going to sleep for the night at 22:00, made her wake up at 4:00! luckly she did go back to sleep after her feed :-)). And people ask me how was the night, and what can I say, not bad at all (though greedy as I am, I am waiting for a noght stretch of more than six hours..).
But it's the days that kill me. She takes a nap in the morning (right now.. I'll soon join her as I am sooo tired) and maybe one in the afternoon. But the rest of the day? No, she does not sleep! I mean here there are 15 minutes, there 20 but nothing more than that. Which means being with her, taking care of her needs all day long with almost no break. Come night I am so exhausted. And funny how she wakes in the morning. She is not such a crier, she just moves and moves and moves, totaly unquiet. And I try to ignore in the hopes that she'll go back to sleep.
o.k she's up again, so i'll just tell you about this big smile she had on this morning. she was lying on the bed while i was standing getting dressed when she put on this big big smile as i was looking at her. she's been smiling for quiet some time, so it's not new, but this smile was different! felt like a big heartful and genuine smile :)))


Paige said...

This post melted my heart! I'd love to see a pic of that smile. You sound happy. Hope you get some more sleep soon.

Dora said...

The smiles are amazing. Hate to say it, but you don't ever get used to the lack of sleep. But SIX HOURS!!! She's incredible. I hardly ever get that now.

Shannon said...

I hope the six hour sleeps continue, and that she starts to sleep more during the day, too. I love sweet toothless baby grins. :)

MookiePie said...

I'm with you on the sleep, I will miss it dearly too! I'm having a sleepover with my two year old niece so my sister and bro-in-law can sleep in even if the 2 month old is awake most of the night.
And her smiles must reaffirm that you made the best decision in life to have her! I see my baby niece smiling and love it and can't wait to see my own baby smile up at me one day!!!
Enjoy her :)

Navigating The Rapids said...

I'm greedy too. L slept through the night from about 4 months, and even now when she pops her head out of the crib and says "hi", I think oh just two more hours.

Tiara said...

I bet those smiles make up for the lack of sleep ten fold!!