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Sunday, 29 August 2010

1st of September

can't come sooner enough! Already the weather is begining to be somewhat cooler, or should I say, less hotter. And well, as school starts here on the first, I'll be going back to work!
While my nanny will be coming on Wed, I won't actually start working on Wed (Sun is when I'll really start) so I'll have her for a couple of hours to get aquainted with the girl. Hope it all goes well :-)
I so need this break from taking care of the girl 24/7. I care about her and all but it is very tiring and exhausting taking care of her all day long, so having a few hours every day where she'll be under the charge of someone else, kind of a relief. Because this taking care of a baby is really hard work. Probably not making it easier the fact that she hardly sleeps during the day, or the fact that I find it hard letting her have alone time (I am learning more and more to do so as it is important to her and me) or the fact that we're doing EC (stopping a feed because she's signiling; taking the nappy off; going to the potty; putting nappy back on; returning to feed....). Since just before birth, I have lost about 10 kilos. During pregnany I have gained 6 kilos (if I remember correctly). That is I weigh now less than before I got pregnant. While I'm kind as I was a bit overweight, I know it's not good (and honestly I am not trying to lose weight). It's just this parenting stuff and not so much time to eat.. Anyway, I hope now things will get a little easier.

Over 100 posts in my reader and the numbers just keep going up. I try and read a few posts every day but finding it a hard time catching up (oh, and while I do read I comment much less, sorry). So sorry I'm a bad blogger lately. Though I do try and scan my reader to get an update. Paige glad to hear the bleedind has lessened. Hope everything turns out o.k! And Shannon.. congratulations!!


battynurse said...

I hear you on the cooler weather. It's getting a little better here as well. Hope the nanny works out well.

Paige said...

Thanks, Billy. Seems like things are getting a little better for you and about to get a lot better with the extra help and all. We've been in school over two weeks now! Hope you have a great school year.

MookiePie said...

My sister (who LOVES summer--me, eh, not so much) actually said today that she was ready for fall to get her already! It was hot with hot wind-lovely. So, totally with you on the cooler weather!
You are so awesome with EC!
Enjoy going back to school :)

Tiara said...

Glad to hear the cooler weather is approaching & best of luck with going back to work.

Shannon said...

Thanks, Billy! :)