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Tuesday, 7 September 2010



Today 5 years ago I had to put my dog Sky to sleep. She was the most amazing wonderful dog that ever was. I do want one day to be a dog owner again, but I know that no dog will ever compare with her. But as long as I had her, I couldn't, and well didn't, pursue motherhood. Even if being a mother is something I've dreamt and wanted all my life. Somehow when I was "mothering" Sky, it never seemed possible I could be a mother to a human baby, so I never even thought seriously about trying. But then she died, and though it took me about two years to get started, I suddenly was free to believe I can :-).


Today one year ago a tiny little sperm met a not so tiny egg. They met on this petri dish and knew they were meant for each other! Yes, one year ago my little girl was created :-). Amazing how this very small embryo grew and grew and grew into this most wonderful little girl (who is still growing and growing and growing!)



Tomorrow night we celbrate the beginning of the new Jewish year. One of the customs is eating a round halah bread. Round as to symble the roundness of the year, how just like a circle the different seasons come and go.


I mentioned before how my daughter was born on the exact same date as her great grandfather. Well on Friday we had a party for her. I wanted to have it in August but it didn't work out (besides, it would have been much too hot!), and playing around with the dates, last Fri was the best option. Well Friday happen to also be her greatgrandfather's (the one whoi shares her birth date) yartzhiet (=the "anniversary" of his death, and a 50 year one). I find it interesting how important dates in her life have other meaning too. Just shows how circular it all is.


Shanah Tova to all you who are celebrating the new year !!


Dora said...

LOVE THE PICTURE!!! You look content and beautiful, and she's so adorable. And she's plumping up. Wonderful!

Shanah Tova to you both!

battynurse said...

You two look great.
It is interesting how dates figure in our lives and how they intertwine with others lives.

Gille said...

Beautiful picture! I love how things round like that. Very cool!

hopefulcc said...

What a beautiful picture! She looks so much like you!
Happy New Year!

Meg said...

Beautiful Mama and beautiful girl!
Happy creation day!

Paige said...

You look so happy. It is something how dates cirle around and around.

MookiePie said...

What a sweet picture!
I love when special dates line up with others.
Happy New Year to you and your sweet little one :)

Shannon said...

Didn't you say you didn't think she looks like you? Because if you did, you're really wrong - she looks just like you! What cute little cheeks she has! Love the picture.

The dates aligning like that has to be more than coincidence, don't you think?

Happy New Year!

MommieV said...

I love that photo!!!

What a beautiful post!

My Darby dog left when my little one was 9 weeks old. It felt like one was leaving as the other was coming. That dog had been my life for years, and now I had a wee one come along ... I have photos of the two of them together that I treasure. I'm glad that their time here overlapped, if even for just a little bit.

Heather said...

Aww...what a wonderful picture of the two of you!! Your girl is gorgeous! (but of course you knew that already) :)
I love seeing pictures of the bloggers whose blogs I follow...it's so much fun to have a mental "picture" of whose words I'm reading! Hugs to you both!

Tiara said...

Awesome photo! You both look so happy!

Miss X said...

What a great picture of the 2 of you! From the few pictures I've seen of you (2?), I've noticed how nice & slim you are. I think you've mentioned being overweight but I just don't see it.

MeAndBaby said...

Great photo! Still so happy for you. Happy New Year!!