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Sunday, 22 May 2011


ICLW - the commenting week at the end of the month. Didn't participate in one for a very long time!
I am (yet again) so very much behind on my blog reading, yet I'm going to put aside reading my regular blogs for this week (sorry guys. though I do peek a lot at my reader to see what's new) and attempt to read at least a post from everyone on the ICLW list. May is the month I love to participate in, as the last day of ICLW is my birthday..
So in short about me (besides my birthday being on the 28th lol) - I am a single mother by choice to this amazing little girl who is almost one year old. I do talk mainly about her on my blog, but as I know there are many of you who are not yet fortune to have a child, and I think it's worse when she's a baby, I am going to try and not speak about her for this week.
Other than that not much to say. Lets see, I teach for a living [please save me! the "shift" and the "caps lock" keys are conspiring against me!], live in Israel, have cats..


rebecca said...

Thank you for your kind words and stopping by my blog! Happy ICLW and Happy Birthday coming up, hope you have a fabulous one:)

DandelionBreeze said...

Happy ICLWeek to you too :)) xoxo

Kristin said...

Welcome back to ICLW and, OMG, is she really almost a year old. It seems like only yesterday when I was reading about you TTC.


My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Congrats on your little girl and hope you have a happy birthday!

Happy ICLW!

Krissi said...

Well Happy Birthday! I teach too! ;-) Happy ICLW and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Two People in Love said...

Nice to meet you!

Casey said...

Happy ICLW to you!

I'm new here, and stumbled on your blog because I'm using a random number generator to get those blogs I comment on. Looking forward to sticking around for a while.

Best wishes and ICLW hugs,


Alec said...

Do you talk much about Israel's attitude toward IF, and the help available? I know many would be interested!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment. I try not to harm a 'harmless' creature if at all possible. But, he really scared me so bad!! :-)

Liz said...

Happy ICLW and happy early birthday. I am a teacher of sorts (speech therapist) but work with young children. Hope you have a great birthday.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from ICLW. Happy early birthday! I'll have my birthday during ICLW week in August, that should be fun!

C said...

So glad to have found your blog through ICLW!

I'm an American living oversea and enjoy reading blogs of those who live outside of the U.S. Looking forward to following along.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.

Carmela said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to following your blog as well. Happy ICLW! Oh, and Happy Birthday!