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Sunday, 29 May 2011


Have you noticed the time on this post? It took me till almost 22:30 to get Butterfly to sleep. sigh. And it's not the first day nor will it be the last where it is difficult to put her to sleep. I suspect she doesn't really need her afternoon nap anymore. Asked nanny to not put her to sleep. Of curse nanny put her to sleep. Urg! And today was her easy day, only 3.5 hours (other days range from 4 till almost 5). When I showed my disapproval, nanny goes about waking her up from her nap.NO! Once she's sleeping, please do not wake her up, but then again please do not put her to sleep. The result no doubt is it taking me forever to put her to sleep for the night. And oh we had some bitings and goofing and being really tired but also not enough in order to just lay and relax and fall asleep. Knowing I'll have a hard time, I took her to the playground before supper and all. Could do that today as it was relatively early. Can't do so every day.

And I so didn't plan to write so much about that! [I did want to do a post about the ICLW and how I was really good the first half of the week and how the second half... with blogger having some kind of problems with the sign in to comment, Butterfly going to sleep very late, it being hot, me not feeling well.. well the second half didn't go too well]*

But if I did write so much above.. nanny stuff. I have not been pleased with this nanny at all during the year. Lots of small things and big things. Basically she's about her and how to make it better for her, less about my girl. For example she has never put a CD on for my daughter, only the radio for her entertainment, not taking her for walks (and then taking her to the playground but keeping her strapped in the pram [except when she puts her on the swing]. "for her safety" she says. what she should do is go around chasing my little girl and making sure she's fine. i can't tell her to let her loose because then i would be responsible if anything happened and well as i am not around, i can't be) and making her sleep. I do not know what she does. I do know how I can't get her to have a second nap on weekends. But of course it is easier for her if Butterfly sleeps and hour or two (and between you and me, if not for our dear nights [it's 23:45! yikes] I'd really rather as it would mean less time of nanny actually being with my girl). So anyway not pleased with her. Now I didn't look for anyone to replace her as I was both scared that before I had someone nanny would find out and leave my with nothing and my little girl having to deal with a new person.
So dear nanny asked me for a recommendation and dear me refused to give her one. Now I knew she was about to ask (little bird, from my nanny to sister's nanny [or was it sister's nanny telling her she should get a letter of recommendation??] to sister to mother to me...) and I was troubling myself how to approach it. I was going to say yes and then try and write something very vague. Well I ended up refusing. She asks why am I punishing her (!) and that she always got recommendations from all the places she worked before (a. fine, then you have no problem with recommendations, one less really won't matter. b. liar as no doubt you haven't worked as a nanny before..). I don't think a recommendation is a must for me (and I think I was very nice giving her a Pesach gift). So she talks about how she doesn't know if she can carry on working for me, as in she will finish the month but doesn't know about June. It was Monday that we had this conversation, I have no idea what is going to happen in the month of June. I do know that last year I also had to not work in June (you know, giving birth..) so it will be quite bad if again June will be off. O.K it's midnight, I should be heading to bed.

* Which brings me to the fact that I have gazillion posts in my reader, a post birthday blues, no mood to read and not much time either. I will catch up on you, I promise, it just might take some time. [for this week, in honor of ICLW I didn't take a morning nap with Butterfly. I think I'd like to go back to it, leaving me only the nights for all my internet stuff]


Anonymous said...

Try to be brave enough so as to tell the nanny what you want from her (no need to tell her what was wrong, just tell her exactly what you need from her, as you wrote in the post), and tell her that if you're pleased during June, you'll give her a letter of recommendation at the end of the month.

MookiePie said...

Wait. . .so she only watches her for 3 1/2 to 5 hours and has to put her down for a nap?! Geez! I just don't understand why she doesn't do what you ask her (I know, you don't either.) From what it sounds like you don't ask much of her, it's her j-o-b and I would think if she went to nanny for someone else she could be in for a very rude awakening. I hope she doesn't leave you in the lurch, but hopefully instead you find someone who will show you how good a nanny can be :)