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Monday, 6 June 2011

Nanny Gone Nanny Come

Still trying to figure what happened that last day of ex-nanny. Yes, she no longer works here. I managed to find someone new, who will hopefully help me now in June and then in the next school year. She sounds good, even very good, just hope I won't be disappointed.
Anyway, the last day of ex-nanny and before the cross words between me and her were said. Before that, it was supposed to be a normal day, but well, it wasn't. When I asked her at the end of the day (again, we're still in the before mode), how it was I got the - oh the usual. Had to dig in and ask her to find her completely lying in regards to Butterfly's sleep - the hours changing and the story at which Butterfly just fell asleep in the pram while taken for a walk (oh, I wish it was that easy to get her to sleep!) and then nanny moved her to sleep in the house (another urg about nanny is how she puts my girl to sleep but that's not for now) and my little girl did not stir. Yes, so unlikely of Butterfly. And can I add that we are talking two or three hours (depend on what version to go) after she had a nice lengthy two hour morning nap??
But then there was no walk, no being out and about. She most likely did force a nap on Butterfly (I asked her not to put her to sleep because she really does not need that extra nap. When asked, I said that if she falls asleep, not to wake her up. Hence my daughter "falling asleep" on the way...).
There's my sister hearing her shout at my girl and the yogurt bowl only half eaten (so not typical).
So what happened?? Did she speak to some friends and decided it was her last day so she can be nasty to my daughter (and yes, I don't think she was too nice to her that last day. Up till then she was mediocre minus, after Thursday she, well you can figure..

And then the work day ended and she asked if I'm still not planning on giving her a letter of recommendation. Nope, she does not deserve one in my eyes. You can't come to work a whole year thinking only about yourself and your comforts and bending the needs/wants of the one you are supposed to care for (who was a total helpless) and then hope to get a reward on that. Anyway I said that no (I actually thought she was beyond and understood she won't get such letter from me) to which she said that she won't be coming anymore and can she have the two days wages (it was on the 2nd, and I paid her [hmm that day] for the month of May). Well no! Didn't and won't pay her for those two days, and as we say in Hebrew, she can jump me!
And you know, the stupid nanny lost all ways - she didn't get paid those two days (come on, in the same sentence she says she quits without giving me notice and then asking for money!?), she does not have a job and she does not have a letter of recommendation. As for me and Butterfly, I can only be pleased she won't be coming.

And you know, now that Butterfly does not have that extra nap, she goes to sleep at night much earlier and so much easier. It is no longer around 22:30 after about two long frustrating hours of trying to put her to sleep, but at around 20:00 and within maybe twenty minutes.


MookiePie said...

Glad that Butterfly can go to bed at night now without so much frustration for both of you. Hope the next nanny is as good as one should be!

Miss X said...

What an awful nanny. Hoping your next nanny is much better.