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Monday, 13 June 2011

warning about turning private

Just a quick post to tell you what I've just discovered - a blogger I have just recently added to my reader (from the ICLW) has closed her blogs to invites only. O.K, I am new, didn't really comment yet so she doesn't know me, so of course I have no access to read her blog. So when I try and get into her blog I have the invites only message.
BUT, you want to know how and why I tried getting into her blog? Because I have the full posts in my reader! That is, because I added her blog to my reader before she turned private (I wonder if it's possible even after turning private), I can still read her posts!
Just thought I'd warn in case you thought about going private..

Thought of warning her too (because obviously there was a reason why she turned private), but here's another fault with blogger - they mention connecting with blogger owner for permission, but how??

EDT: As she did comment on my blog on that week, and as she does have her e-mail on her user profile, I did manage to send her an note telling her about this.


Gille said...

I didn't know that was possible - to still read while they're private. I'm glad you're trying to let her know but that is a hard thing to do when you can't get back in!

Jackie said...

I have often wondered the same thing with going private. Very interesting!!