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Sunday, 24 July 2011

1 year 1 month 1 week 1 day 1 hour

A little girl in this world has just* discovered she can open cupboards. And oh the joys that await her!!

Oh yummy!

Silly mummy! Showing me this cupboard so I won't go to the nearby one with the bottles of oil etc (some glass). Because look what I found!

The loot!

Running away with the loot!

Some crackers for the way..

And another one..

Another cupboard! And oh, what do we have here!!!

Mummy! Look what I found!

* Well scheduling this post. Pictures really taken ten days ago..


The Pepperrific Life said...

Oh my, she is simply too cute for words! I can't get enough of her :)

Anonymous said...

Lol, the joys of the cupboards. I will never forget the laugh I got when Farty came wheeling his toy dumptruck out of the bathroom....loaded with tampons.
She is getting so big!

Little One said...

Wow, she's already a year? Mazel tov! She's beautiful! Shows how long it's been since I've blogged.

tireegal68 said...

That is one beautiful, mischievious baby girl you've got there!!!
Fortunately most of our good snack food is high up, but I'm not deluding myself we are in for an easy time!
Congratulations on the milestones!
Is she talking yet? Well I'm sure she is talking, can you understand what she is saying?

Jess said...

LOL!! Look at that little beauty, love all the pics!!! :)
Sydnee loves to get into them as well!!

Billy said...

tireegal - no she doesn't talk (yet?). Am so waiting for that first word of hers.. maybe she's slow because her mother was slow, maybe it's the bilingual thing..

Tiara said...

Oh gosh! She's adorable! So curious!

MookiePie said...

She's soooo adorable!!!
I enjoy following my 1 year 2 month old niece around her kitchen as she tries to open the cupboards that aren't child-proofed ;)

hopefulcc said...

She's so adorable, Billy!

Jackie said...

She is such a QT!! Looks like it's time for big time baby proofing.