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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shana Tova!

Happy New Year to all who are going to celebrate tomorrow night :-)

some bullets..

  • I have so many blogs on my reader and however much I read, I don't seem to be able to close the gap. I mean there would be nights I'm so happy how I managed to decrease the number, but then the next night I won't be able to read, and the next.. omg! how did that number shoot up again.. And yes, my fault for adding new blogs to my reader! And yes, have and will be taken off my reader. Mainly those who, while I have commented and not just an occasional once, have never bothered to acknowledge me. Yes, I read them because they are interesting, but since it is too much... And yes, I might have to press the 'read all' button :-(. And yes, tonight I am writing this post instead of reading...

  • Funny thing I've discovered about my nanny today.. Well while it is not a requirement of mine, she (well actually they - it's a mother and her 19 yr daughter) also does some cleaning and tidying which is very nice of her. Now I try and put plastics aside for recycling, unfortunately they go too often into the bin, and the refundable bottles aside too. Those I mean to take in when I've "collected" a fair amount. Except they always seem to disappear. I assumed she throws them away and didn't want to mention it. Anyway today I met the daughter taking my girl for a walk in the pram (I came home a bit early, they were near the house), and later when I unload the pram, I discover a bag with some refundable bottles! Kind of not nice that she took them without asking!! Maybe she thought I wouldn't notice or that I don't bother getting the refund or else. She still should have asked if it's okay with me..

  • On a close topic to something that I want to blog about, this person who was giving me a hard time [on my SMC forum] between other things for toilet training my daughter at such an early age, is now reporting problems with toilet training her 2 yr daughter, mainly with refusing to do poo in the potty. Saying how the girl sees poo as part of her body etc. My daughter? While we are still toilet training (and while we do have a relapse with the poo) she does know it's poo and not part of her body etc. I so want to write something snarky, but I will be a better person than she is! (but I still need to let it out, so I'm using this platform :-))

  • Can't get it how parents will go crazy about things in baby's mouth but will not make too big a deal at things like walking off to the road (from the playground). I do allow Butterfly almost anything in her mouth (I actually believe it is good for her), but if she goes too near the road, I give a loud and clear NO! [well actually I use the Hebrew - Asur = mustn't..] This other mother.. was going oh what a monkey you are while chasing her little toddler. I think this gives the message of the road being a game.. oh well... [and yes, I was told earlier my girl might choke (let me add - from the teat of the bottle!!)]

  • asur.. Speaking of which, twice I heard fathers tell their kids "I don't agree" to whatever they were doing (today it was another kid attempting to go down to the road [yes, this playground is a bit too near the road, though one with not a lot of cars], don't remember what it was the other day). I don't know, I would say: "I don't allow". Just semantics :-)..

  • Girl went to sleep very easy tonight! (we are not having too good a night lately, and feeling those two lumps where the two bottom molars are supposed to pop out, I'm guessing we are in for it in the next few days) So I'm going to finish this post, and head off to sleep :-).


tireegal68 said...

Great to read a post from you. I missed you. Yes I have a few on my blogroll who barely if ever comment or acknowledge me. Strange isn't it?
Interesting about your nanny and her daughter. Because the "garbage" is worth something I guess you could call that stealing? Are they really poor? Do you get a lot of money from recycling there?
In our state you get nothing for returning bottles but if you are industrious you can collect cans and make a tiny bit of money on them.
As for the poop situation - very interesting. I think it's common for kids to only want to poop in their diaper and not the potty. I didn't know it was because they feel it's part of them. Interesting!
Take care:)

Shannon said...

I love it when people share problems and solutions on forums, but hate when posts get judgmental - I've not been doing this mom thing long, but one thing I do know is that every kid and every family are different, not everything is right for everyone. That being said, I so wish youd'd post something snarky to her!

Aside from stealing your bottles, how's the new nanny working out?

Happy new year!

Tiara said...

I know what you mean about keeping up with Reader! But I've come across so many great SMC blogs lately I just can't help clicking "follow"!


Shana Tova to you, too! And, that's so cool that you have a mother - daughter pair as your nanny (ies)...It's like getting two for one, and probably a win-win situation for all of you. As for the woman who was giving you a hard time about the potty training, when will people just mind their own business? If you want to toilet train early, why should she be bothered? Sorry she's having a problem with the pooping...I've heard of that...I think it's a control issue that a lot of kids have. It can be very painful for the child and very painful for the parent to watch. I hope she gets over it soon. Anyway, either way, I don't think either one of your kids will be going to college in diapers and isn't that the important thing? :-)

Little One said...

Shana Tova! Wishing you and your family a sweet New Year!

MookiePie said...

I am with you, it can be hard to keep up with blogging and reading and responding. Especially when things start to pick up in your own household. Then you feel guilty ;) Seriously though, I am amazed at the mommies who blog and read and comment, when sometimes I feel it's all too much and all I have to look after is myself and doggie :)
Happy New Year to you and Butterfly!