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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A rant concerning google/blogger. Up until a couple of months ago all was nice. I had my google account and blogger and I when I opened my computer I was already logged in and no problem leaving comments with my blogger identity.
I know it was a Friday the 13th, I think June, when all went wrong. Blogger had this day or two when blogs disappeared and then reappeared twice etc. And there was also some mess with the commenting. At the time I got into the help forum to see what it's about. Well people were complaining and complaining and complaining and not a representative in sight! Anyway the advice I read was to remove the tick on the remember me box. And yes, that helped. Somewhat. I still, when commenting, need to go to preview, get a screen saying there's an error, go back and only then leave a comment (of course if I forget and don't do copy to the comment I wrote, I loose it and have to write it again [sometimes I am clever and just "write" a letter or two and go to the preview]. And you know, more than that, e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e I want to get into one of the google appliances, I have to log myself in again. I mean I'm sitting at the computer, want to check my g-mail - log in, want to then read some blogs on my reader - log in, want to do a google search and have the picture I chose to be my page - log in, want to comment - log in. You get the picture, pretty annoying!
Yesterday I really had enough so I ticked the remember me box. When I tried to comment (again needing to do preview), I got this message

Seriously? I have no access to this page?? FruitFish that would be your microwave post! O.K so I'm back to commenting anonymously but more so really pissed off with google/blogger.

Oh and can I add a little rant about dear daughter? We were listening to this song, HER song on youtube (didn't even know about this song until not so long ago. Unfortunately it's in the masculine as it's commonly a boy's name)

And she was enjoying herself, tapping with the mouse. Hmm, a bit too hard it seems. The right click button doesn't work now..


Selkie Mom said...

I had the same problem with blogger and sometimes when I log in it take me to the help page. Now I don't think all my posts can be seen. They are definitely having problems with their system - very frustrating.

MookiePie said...

I get that stupid error message too. Like when I say I approve your comment, then it will say I don't have permission for the blog. Really, cause you took me to it from e-mail and signed me, but apparently it's not mine. Ugh!!! I'm with you ladies!!