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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

mums the word

[did you know that this expression comes from Shakespeare (or even earlier), mum an old word meaning silent?]

Well silent she still is :-(. Tomorrow she turns one year and five months. They say a baby should have their first word by a year and a half, so she has just one more month to produce those words, or else.... I am trying to remain calm amongst all those - oh, isn't she talking yet? She should be talking by now! Maybe you aren't talking to her enough? Why isn't she talking? Telling people that she is a bilingual and as such talking may be delayed. Moreso that her mother (i.e me..) also talked late [don't know when I said my first word, but my baby book says that at 18 months I said just three words...]. But you know, as much as I am trying to stay calm and when she'll be ready she'll speak (oh yeah, another one I'm told - how she won't stop babbling. yeah, can't wait for that), but inside I am very much worrying. What if there is something very wrong with her? She is very clever and understands so much it never seizes to amaze me and I don't think she's autistic or the likes (she makes beautiful eye contact), but maybe something else? Because I do have a feeling that not only are we not advancing on the speech level, but that she has gone back. She used to babble much more, and what's more I don't think I've heard her make two syllable sounds in ever so long.
But maybe she is trying to talk, to name things, and I just don't recognize? Lately she stands in the middle of the room and shouts very loudly "ma", and I have absolutely no idea what she wants (I ask - do you want this or that, and nope she doesn't want anything). The nanny says that her son taught my girl to say nigmar (=finished) when she has finished eating and that she says something like it (obviously not pronouncing the difficult "g"). I don't really know what and how she says because I haven't seen/heard it (they promised me a video!), so I don't know how true it is. But maybe I am the dumb one who doesn't understand her baby's talk!?
Anyway Sunday we have the 18 month check up at the child development centre (early due to a shot I won't be giving her..... well I am supposed to give her the third portion of the DT shot but she was a bit ill this week and she did have a bit of a bad reaction last time so anyway I'd like to delay it a bit, moreso with her being sick. but I don't want to delay this appointment because of, well above post..) so I'll see what she says there ["what she says", obviously the nurse, but can I think there might be a pan there? lol]
Can you see I am babbling nonsense as in last night we had a very BAD night and then wouldn't take her nap today and tonight.. I had to make three cups of tea, twice pouring it because it got cold because just when I was about to start drinking, madam woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep for some time??
o.k end.


MeAndBaby said...

For what it's worth, my mother tells me my brother didn't speak a word until age 2. And he has not shut up since. :)

Genkicat said...

I'm glad you have the check-up this week, so the Dr. can confirm what pretty much everyone will say to you - "Don't worry" Many children start speaking later, and its totally normal. It will come! And then you will wish it would stop! Good luck at the Dr.'s - I'm sure butterfly is fine!


I've heard that a lot about babies, too...that many don't talk for some time and then they start all of a sudden with full sentences. Fact is, she's probably brilliant! She knows that if she doesn't talk, you'll just keep fussing trying to guess what she wants. I'm sure she finds that quite amusing!

Laraf123 said...

It's difficult not to worry when you are a mom. No matter what anyone says about "normal". As someone who has worked in early intervention I will tell you that the "green" flags are eye contact and receptive language (understanding what you say to her). Often expressive language is delayed slightly because a growth spurt in motor skills. Just my two cents. Huh. That's about what they pay me for it too. LOL.

DandelionBreeze said...

I was worried that our DD was not talking as soon as other kids... then suddenly one day she started talking heaps :)) And now that she's a little older, I can see that it's in her temperament to stand back and observe... then only do something when she's confident that she can do it ! Had me worried for a little while though. Thinking of you xoxo

Tiara said...

Even tho I think Butterfly is probably totally fine & will be talking up a storm soon I can understand your concern. I'd be worried too. As Mamas, that's what we do!