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Monday, 30 April 2012

12 Months 12 Challenges - MAY and eggs

[blogger's new look in the editor probably needs (A LOT OF) getting used too, and it probably is great, but I'm not liking it now!!]

May is the month I like to join ICLW. I did want to do one earlier this year, but as my reader was overflowing, I just couldn't add more to read.. So doing ICLW (attempting to at least read a post from every *blog!) and keeping my reader not  too full are this month's challenge!

Butterfly keeps on amazing me. The other day she was saying nee nee and I couldn't figure it out. Until I realized she was saying knee. The thing is, I didn't even know she knows that word! (apparently when she falls [and yes, that happens quite a lot, she is a tomboy..] I ask her if she wants me to kiss her knee..)

And eggs. The other day I was thinking aloud about what I'm going to make for supper (eggs..) and went to the computer with intentions to soon make said supper (you know, I am a procrastinator..). Suddenly a little hand puts an egg on the computer table. An egg she had to first open the fridge, then carefully open the carton of eggs, take one out and be careful when bringing it over.. It was like - mummy, you said you're going to make an egg, so here, make me an egg!
I made her an egg, showing her how I crack it open on the edge of the bowl, then mix etc. So today [just before making supper] I go to the toilet. Door is open and I can hear her with the fridge and then I can hear what I figure is her trying to crack eggs open into a bowl. Sure enough there were four eggs [as in all the eggs from the carton..] in the bowl. Luckily it was a plastic bowl which needs more force, so no egg was harmed, but boy does she learn fast!

* Did you know that the speller on Blogger, a place where one blogs, does not accept the word 'blog'? LOL.


SurlyMama said...

Oh my she's such a smart little girl! I'm not crazy about the new blogger. I can't find anything, I keep switching back to the old and will continue to do so until they delete it. The computers at work (where I do most of my blogging) don't have the software to support the new blogger, so I may be blogging even less soon.

Billy said...

Didn't know that's possible! (switching back to the old)
And thanks :-).

Little One said...

I didn't even know there was a new blogger...has mine not changed over?

Anyway, I could totally visualize your little one getting the eggs...and I can tell you I held my breath reading thinking you were going to find eggs all over your floor!

tireegal68 said...

It's amazing how much they learn without us knowing it! Their little minds are just so busy!!! She sounds like a lot of fun:)

Anonymous said...

Butterfly is so smart. It doesn't seem like she should be nearly two now, but time does fly.

katery said...

an early hello from iclw, sounds like you've got a little genius on your hands :)

Tiara said...

Oh what a smarty Butterfly is!!

@ Little One - I haven't noticed a change in blogger either, maybe us in Ontario are left out of the change, lol

Shannon said...

What a smart little girl! I can't believe she's old enough to do that, it just seems like yesterday I was checking your blog to see if she'd been born yet!

DandelionBreeze said...

That's such a gorgeous story... she's amazing :)) xo

Rachael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachael said...

Butterfly is so smart!!! And so good about not breaking the eggs! I wish my son was so careful!
I hate the new blogger editor, I reverted mine back to the old editor until they force me to switch.

Lily said...

Aww, how smart and enthusiastic!

Also ,loving your comments on Blogger - so agree!