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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday is for Art


Five Minutes of Art Work and Two Hours of Getting Cleaned

I try and sit with Butterfly every Saturday to do some work of art. While I found excellent ideas for all sorts of art projects, I think they are all above us right now. So we mainly sit and paint with our hands, or do some glueing. Yes, for a whole five minutes... [probably when we do more complex stuff, we will sit longer]

And yes, paper got some paint too! [I think by this time I took the work of art inside]

All that paint.. What a good excuse for opening the pool season!!

[see that little brown spot in her right eye? I love it as it's a little something from me in a daughter who doesn't look much like me.. (I have brown eyes)]

Besides that, she made mummy so proud the other day when she SANG!! mumbling and completely of tune and a stranger never would have guessed, but she sang!!!

Her new thing now is to practice jumping.. Her feet mostly do not leave the ground, but she did have a few successful attempts :-).

Managed to video her singing today :-) She's mainly repeating the first two words (but she does carry on to sing the rest of the line).

Did she? just? say? pipi baba?? As in bye bye pee when I took the potty she had just pooed in [yes, she calls both pipi] to empty in the toilet? As in TWO WORDS?


Shannon said...

LOL! What a cute mess! I love it. :)

Little One said...

Wow, you really go all out - I can't believe the mess - love the photo of her with paint all over her face! some of your shots are just fantastic - are you a photographer?

Billy said...

Thanks Little One. While I'd love to do a photography course, I am no way a photographer :-)

Tiara said...

Oh I love these photos!! Just wait until she looks back on these photos & sees what fun Mommy let her have!!

Laraf123 said...

All that matters is that the two of you are sharing these art moments together! (Have you seen a website called "No Time for Flashcards"? I've found some cute activities there!

Navigating The Rapids said...

Looks like she had blast.

Kimmyann said...

I always love when they get so dirty like that..proves that had a blast doing it.

Lily said...

Ha ha! What a face! Love it! Such fun!