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Sunday, 27 May 2012

three firsts and a last]

Warning: child mentioned. If you are from ICLW and reading about another person's child is too hard for you, then don't read this post.
My daughter had a few firsts today. We went to visit my sister where she lives, and since it's Shavuot (a holiday) the small community in which she lives was celebrating it and we decided to see what it's all about. They had all sorts of fun competitions like building the tallest tower from cardboard boxes or moving water from one big container to another using plastic cups, etc. We were outsiders so we didn't participate, but looked like a real joyful day to those who did! (what was really nice about it, the teams were all made of families so there were men and women and older children and younger children). Anyway we were just watching.

At one point my daughter goes off, gets to this table (which wasn't so near where I was but in full eyesight) and I see her taking some fruit from the table and eating. She then wonders back to us (my mum and sister were there too) with hands behind her back and a sneaky smile. Yes, she was hiding some sweet bread or something behind her back, taking it quickly out for a bite and back behind the back it goes! And that grin, a total mischievous I've done something naughty grin! That was just too cute :-). I mean I'm sure I won't like when she's older and lies to me and I hope that's not in our future, but the innocence of her trying to fool mum.... [and isn't it also a developmental step? to deceive means you know that others see the world differently than you!]

And then she wondered off while I was getting us some food (at the end of the competitions they all came to eat). And I lost her. for real. I mean she is fearless and independent and does wonder off and I always keep an eye on her getting her back when/if she goes too far. But there were too many people and just one minute of not looking and she was gone. Kind of scary even if you believe these are good family people and even if you know the road is too off for her to accidentally get to the road. Anyway I go up to the man with the microphone and ask him to announce her. Just as he started to announce, I see her sitting in the middle of the grass, enjoying a popsicle she found!

And then as we were leaving I got myself some ice-coffee. It was either that or a cocoa drink (or yes, water, but I fancied something nice :-)) and I'd rather she doesn't have chocolate (not yet, anyway). Well it was quite obvious she would want some, just didn't expect her to drink so much!

And a last. Well was supposed to be a last if a little madam would go to sleep on that first attempt (yeah, coffee, not the best idea..) and then not wake and want the breast while mummy* is trying to type. But wait, I have the advantage of technology and I can simply "re"schedule this post a couple of hours earlier! So here we are, an hour or two before midnight and the last hour (or two) of me being 41 :-)).

* She seems to call me ima (mummy in Hebrew), and my mother - mummy. I assume because she hears me call my mother mummy..
And she speaks more Hebrew words than English, although she is more with me than with the nanny. I think she understands that Hebrew is the language spoken around here (while I do speak to her in English, I obviously speak to others in Hebrew and she sees and hears) so while she knows and understands English [and she never stops to amaze me at what she knows and understands] she rather focus her efforts on obtaining the dominant language..


Anonymous said...

Billy, apparently we share a birthday. I am also in my last few hours of 41. May 28 is my 42nd birthday. So happy happy birthday!

tireegal68 said...

Your little one sounds so self assured! And Happy birthday!! 42 sounds young to this 44 yr old!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great blog. I am sending some friends your way as they took similar paths to motherhood. Thanks for being on ICLW.

Tiara said...

Happy Birthday!!!

How terrifying to lose your Butterfly! I would have been completely panicked! So sweet that she was enjoying herself & didn't even know she was lost, lol :)!

DandelionBreeze said...

Happy birthday :) Your darling little girl sounds adventurous and so confident and happy :)... must have been scary to lose sight of her briefly... my heart was in my mouth for you - it's happened a few times to me and felt like an eternity. Love to you both xoxo

Little One said...

Happy Birthday! It's funny but my parents are religious, and my brother Hassidic and living in Israel, and I really didn't know much about the holiday. I did take the day off work today, simply b/c I am allowed a certain number of religious faith days and I wanted an extra day with Scarlett. It's so nice to hear how the day was celebrated. I'm so glad you found Butterfly.

Miss X said...

Happy Birthday, Billy! I hope this coming year brings you baby #2.

I don't think I've commented on your blog in a while but I've continued to read. :)

MoonNStarMommy said...

AWWWWWWWW Happy Birthday ... it's never fun when they poof!!