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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Let's do some more waiting!

Had my meeting today at the fertility department in the hospital. And ohhhhhh.. First we were there over two hours. We, as in me and Butterfly as I didn't have any arrangement for her.And mostly she was a really good girl! (we even went twice to the toilet, coming home in the exact same clothes in which we left!!*). But even a nice girl gets tired (added it being a very hot day) and bored and starts screaming and pulling mummy's shirt because we just have to go right now which of course happened when I finally got to see the doctor (thankfully half way through the meeting). And going back to the over two hours being there and then seen first by I guess an intern and only then the doctor herself (btw, same doctor I saw at the fertility clinic some time ago..). Erg!

But besides that they annoyed me on two issues. First there's the genetic screening. I took about 18 such tests and as I was found to be a carrier of one of them, I chose a donor who is not a carrier. In fact, not being a carrier of my genetic disease was the ONLY thing that mattered to me when choosing a donor. So they want to see the test result saying I'm a carrier. Why??? He said something about if they have to match me with a donor so they would like to know. But I HAVE a donor! One chosen because he is not a carrier!!
The doctor later continued to want to see the whole list of genetic screening I took, saying how it's in my interest. She then tells me how just the other day this woman who thought she had done all the tests, showed them to her and it seems she's only done a few basics. Pleaaaaaase. At least she ended up saying it's not a must and really I do have these tests results at home and it's no problem bringing them, it's just the principle that annoys me.

And then there's the TSH. They won't start treating me or even creating a plan before I see an endocrinologist. The one I was supposed to see around March and was sure I had an appointment and I probably goofed and forgot to make the appointment so now have to wait until the end of August!!! Yes, that's how long. And I can't start any fertility treatment until I see the endo... [I will try to phone and see if perhaps someone cancels and maybe I can "grab" their appointment time].
And I will say that I agree with them on this point, it just totally sucks having to wait so long. On the positive side I will add that I decided that it would be very nice, kind of closing a circle, if I gave birth to #2 on Yom Kippur (around Sep-Oct), as Yom Kippur eve was when I got my second beta and hence knew I was pregnant. So I have until about December to get everything running and to conceive, lol.

Oh wait, before I hit the publish button (too late, but oh well..) let me tell you about my big sister Butterfly. How she is so great with Baby A, her newborn cousin and how I look at her with him and know she will be a wonderful big sister. And you know, no jealousy. I even did a bit of breastfeeding Baby A (my sister tried breastfeeding, she didn't succeed so she more or less stopped) and she accepted it without any problem! (I guess if I don't get to do tandem breastfeeding, that would be as close as I would get!!).

* no nappy, yeah? I was actually debating if to put a nappy on her or not Yes for nappy because I didn't believe we would stay dry. No because I have totally stopped using nappies on her so putting one on her would be  a very big step backwards. I am so glad she proved me wrong :-). [I think we are 93% toilet trained]


Tiara said...

Two Hours!!! Good for Butterfly for being so patient! That is frustrating about the genetic testing, doesn't sound like the Dr was listening very well.

Here's hoping for a December conception!!

Little One said...

There's something about fertility where you're always waiting. And when you think you are on your way, you find there is more waiting. I would keep calling to see if there are cancellations. You may get in sooner.

DandelionBreeze said...

How frustrating to have more hurdles... FXd you can move into your first cycle soon xoxo