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Monday, 1 October 2012

A day in life..

I think it is nice reading all these mundane single mother posts. How we are so alike and yet so different :-). So I decided to join with a day in our life. Though it will be a bit hard to write for two reasons: 1. We are very much not schedule people. I can't say we get up at ...... and do this at such a time etc, only vaguely [my speller is back, yay!!]; and 2. We are now in the middle of the holidays (Succot now) so these days now are not typical, but anyway I'll try and think back..

But first, if I mentioned Succot, let me proudly tell you that I "built" a Succah. I have been wanting to have a Succah ever since Butterfly was born but it somehow never happened. This year I was determined so I hung some sheets round a pergola. We are still working on the decorations.. [it a custom for the kids to sit in the holiday and make paper chains and other decorations]

So our day..
Depending on when we went to sleep, we wake up in the morning ("we" that means Butterfly, she wakes up which makes me wake up). I think on a day when the going to sleep the previous night was okay, then wake up would be around 7:00-8:00. Still in bed we have a nursing session until (usually I) decide to get up. I go and have my morning sessions at the computer while Butterfly rarely leaves me alone [some need coffee in the morning, I need some unwinding aloneish time]. She goes between nursing and playing and asking me to read her books etc. She also has some "milk" (soy milk). 
About an hour later we make our breakfast - a vegetable salad in which Butterfly cuts the cucumbers [yes, I have to finish it off, but I love that Butterfly is learning to use a knife (and yes, she cuts them by herself...)], toasted bread with white cheese and tea. Sometimes we have egg and/or tuna etc.
After breakfast we mostly play a bit (or more she plays while I clean up). Sometimes we have this or that to do, other days not. It is soon going to be cooler days (one can hope!) and maybe we'll go back to having a morning walk, but it is too hot for that now, so we just play and do nothing special.
If I am lucky, by about 12:00 she goes down for a two hour nap, but a nap is never certain as is the hour in which it occurs. Usually at 14:00 the nanny comes and I head of for work. One big disadvantage of my work is that it is very limiting hours (and being without a car limits me even more as I need "bus time"). This is very much why I am studying translation - in the hopes that I will be able to have that extra work which I could do at home when B is sleeping.
The nanny takes her to her house (unless she's asleep, of course) and brings her back around 19:00 plus. Sometimes I pick her up from the nanny's but mostly she brings her back. The nanny is a simple but very warm and loving, and so are the others in her family who also attend to Butterfly (mainly her 20yr daughter, but also her twin brother and the rest). I really love how Butterfly is part of their lives and how she is family to them. That is what I wanted when I was looking for a nanny..
Butterfly has mostly eaten, but if not then she has pasta or egg etc. Besides that, we play a bit, I try and have a bit of computer time [my name is Billy and I am addicted to the computer], from here to there it seems like bed time. Bed time is up to her to "decide". She will come up to me to nurse and I would say that if she wants then in bed (but I explain how first we would need to have a shower etc). At some point she says okay and we have our shower and I brush her teeth [when given to her to do, she just bites her brush, never does any brushing movements. urg, I wish she would..] put on a nighty (or if in the wash, whatever is loose enough for the night) and we start our sometimes long (could take over an hour), rarely short process of getting B to sleep (I breastfeed her to sleep). At about 1ish she wakes up to pee (I hold her on the potty as she is half asleep). And that's it mostly for the night.. 

And talking about a mundane day, the other day I took this video of us with my tablet. It is a bit long and nothing really special to report [if you do watch - please ignore my hair (yeah right, you are now only looking at it, lol), and those silly questions.. I was trying to get her to say something for the camera :-)], but I loved seeing it, seeing how me and her are together. Because yes, I know how we interact and all but somehow I never get to see it.


Little One said...

Loving this trend. The video was great. Makes you both seem like real people :)

Shannon said...

I can remember waiting for the news that she was born - and now she's so big! I just can't believe it. And she' is so incredibly cute!

Love your day - and love that you finally found a nanny you really like.

MookiePie said...

It is fun to read about your day. Looking forward to sharing a mundane day in the future ;)
I enjoyed getting to see you both on the video. Yep, you were right. I really wasn't paying attention to your hair until I read what you said. Then, I did ;)

Billy said...

Chasing Rainbows - I am so so so so sorry, but I seem to have mistakenly deleted your comment.I think I'll switch back to the old word identification method.

Billy said...

found it!!

Tiara said...

I love the video!! Such a beautiful little girl you have! & thanks for sharing your day!