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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Chukka, Bukka & Lukka

Yes, all three of them are in me right now! (and shall I mention it was a Wed. transfer? oh well..)
I had only four eggs on Monday, three of which fertilized. And so a decision had to be made - how many to transfer. [and why does the woman get the data on her eggs when she is lying half naked on the chair/bed?? Why can't you have this data before you get undressed!? So that when I come in I have already thought about it and not in an embarrassing situation? (though technically I did have a gown so my privates were covered until the doctor actually transferred, but still, it's the principle.] Anyway, I had two that were looking good and the third one a bit less but still pretty good. I decided to transfer three because:

  1. I am okay with twins. Not so sure about triplets and if that will be the case I know that whatever decision I  make it will be a hard one, but I also don't think it has such a high chance.
  2. Dr, said that transferring all three increases the chances of pregnancy. I won't transfer nine (or eight ;-)) to increase the chance to get pregnant, but if it's between three and two I think I will go with the better chance.
  3. I read once that transferring a weaker one could be like food for the other embryos, that they can nourish on it.
  4. He didn't want the weaker one to be frozen immediately but to see if it grows into a blastocystis.If this cycle doesn't work, then I'd have a FET with a blastocystis. I believe it has a higher chance of succeeding the less it grows outside my body. This is not based on anything, so maybe there is research that indicates otherwise, but my heart tells me it is wrong for my baby(ies) to do the growing on a cold dish [it's probably heated up to mimic the uterus, but you get what I mean, right?]<
  5. If this cycle does succeed, then I have this poor little lone embryo and what do I do with it? Beyond getting pregnant a second time (if.. when..) I will not ttc again. So do I keep it frozen for ever? Do I let them destroy it? (I can't donate it).<
Anyway that was my rational while in stirrups for transferring all three. I should be doing the Beta on Monday (two weeks less two days) but that will be a bit difficult with the studying, so I'll probably have to wait till the next day to test. [I have a HPT I wanted to do on the day of the Beta so I will go in knowing. Not sure if I'll hold back and also do it on Tues or if I'll already do it on Mon].

I do already have names for my kids - a boy's names, a girl's name and a unisex name [so I'm okay for a singleton and for twins of different sex or the same!!] and at first going out of the room I called the embryos by those names. But I think it is too early for that (what if it doesn't succeed?) so I came up with Chukka, Bukka and Lukka.


MookiePie said...

Love the names :) I'm sure the real names are lovely too ;)
I would have no idea what to do with the other blast hanging out.
I wish you sticky baby dust!

Tiara said...

Hoping for sticky babies for you. You're in good 2WW company.

Little One said...

Welcome to the 2ww or rather the mind f--- Olympics as I call it. . So glad you are joining us on the ride. Wishing you and your three little embryos lots of sticky baby dust.

Shannon said...

Sending lots of sticky baby dust to you and Chukka, Bukka and Lukka!

The 2ww - sigh. I hope it's a quick two weeks for you!

Kimmyann said...

Hoping your get a sticky baby or 2.

Laraf123 said...

Wow! I'm excited for you! I'll keep checking back for updates!