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Saturday, 22 June 2013

my bad mummy moment - circumstances not so much important, mainly she was tired and I was trying to get her to go to sleep, and now she wanted to eat. Anyway I got very cross (I was actually already hot from something that had nothing to do with daughter) and opened and closed cupboards with a bang. To which my little sweet daughter came up to me for a hug. URG. Yes, we had a long and tight hug, but this is not how I want it to be.
Lately, it's been difficult. Two was wonderful, absolutely great! Yes, there was the week in which she woke up at 4 am and screamed [thank you sister for reminding me....] and the odd tantrum, but mostly it has been a time of growing, of becoming a child, of developing language skills and very basic social ones, of becoming more able to do things whether to jump from a high point without hands or doing a somersault or cutting with scissors [=her hair! did I tell you about how she cut off a big chunk of her hair? lol]. But three? [yes, bad mummy moment number two. My daughter had a birthday and I didn't blog about it :-( I do hope to do something to celebrate her birthday, but really I hadn't had the time (plus didn't yet have a party)]. Okay three is bad. She is crying (that is, real cry, not her pretend playing she is her baby cousin and therefore crying, because babies cry, which can go on for quite some time, I just learned to tune off..) a lot, wining and just plain being difficult. And I am very much back to shouting at her.
So I want to start this not shouting challenge for a year again, this time maybe documenting the process on a blog, I think I'd rather do so on a new blog, not sure if private or what. Though it will have to wait as I am in the - tests/papers to hand in time zone plus a last minute project of moving all the blogs I read to my favourites as google reader will seize to exist at the end of the month and I still don't have an alternative reader :-(.


Dora said...

Three has been awful here, too. I thought it wouldn't be bad, as it didn't start right away after she turned three. But now ... horrid. Hang in there. I hear four is better.

Dora said...

Happy birthday, Butterfly.

Tiara said...

Happy belated birthday to Butterfly. I was thinking of the two of you on our conceptionversary. I too love that our daughters share this.

I have heard that threes are worse by far than terrible twos...& you are NOT a bad mommy!! Hang in there!

tireegal68 said...

Oh dear, what fun we have to come.
I agree it's hard not to lose your temper and yell sometimes.
What helps me is this great website called ahaparenting.com that really helps me understand my kids behavior and helps me to connect with her rather than alienate her. It's quite attachment parenting focused - so not sure if that is your thing, but reading it makes a lot of sense to me and helps me to work things out without getting mad a lot of the time. Good luck!!! Happy Birthday, butterfly!

Little One said...

Happy birthday, Butterfly. I have also heard the threes can be bad. Our twos have been bad here so I can't imagine how it will get worse. Hang in there, mommy, you are doing a great job raising her.

Laraf123 said...

Kids are amazing. When I am the most upset with some annoying behavior, my 4 year old hugs me tight too. It's as if the whole world stops for a minute and I remember what's important. And yes, 3's were worse than 2's here. Saw a big change at 4. Best wishes--hang in there!